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November 08, 2012


I loved this blog about the eggmobile, especially the cross country trip and people's reactions to it and the chickens looking out the windows! I have kind of wondered what the chickens were thinking.

We moved our chickens from Kingston,(crossed Puget Sound on the ferry) to Lake County California in the back of a pickup truck. The girls laid eggs all along the way. We gave eggs away at rest stops. Mr. Rooster clung to the window frame of the camper shell (don't ask me how) and crowed at cars passing by. Talk about getting the funnyooks. It was a hoot.

Mike, we move the chickens because if you leave them in one area too long, they can be very hard on the ground -- too much scratching, too much manure in one spot, etc. Better for the land to spread all that out in different spots over the course of a year.

Why do you move the chickens around on the farm?

Seeing the chickens in the traveling coop was probably startling enough, but more so because there were little, tiny signs requesting help - in (sorry, I can't help it) chickenscratch....

I wish I could have seen those chickens in their fancy bus at on one of my cross-country trips.
Sounds like a very practical way to get the chickens from Montana to NH.

As someone who travelled in an 18 wheeler as a passenger years ago and who has been in a ton of truck stops, I would have LOVED to have seen that chicken coop pull into the parking lot! That would have been a highlight that I would have never forgotten!

The ingenuity in how you transport this wonderful coop is great. I have to say I'm duly impressed! Those chickens have a very nice home :)


I haven't had any of the voting problem mentioned, but do want to hightlight Rolling Dog has been creeping up the ranks! Cool! Keep it up!

Laughed out loud picturing the chickens looking out at people looking in at them at the truck stops. Of course, the chickens looked similar to the Sesame Street ones, but, oh, what a great mind's picture!

Traveling coop or bust. That coop has been around!!!!

"...with chickens looking out the windows."

That's hilarious! What an image.

The ingenuity and thought put into your farm is impressive!

I had to giggle at the thought of seeing a house full of chickens at a truck stop off a highway exit. Too Funny, but very practical! I hope the girls settle into their new surrounding quickly and glad you learned where not to put them :) Happy egg collecting.

OK, I was going to ask you if the chickens were still in their house when you moved it but you answered that. I guess if the ride isn't too bumpy then they don't mind. I can just imagine the looks that driver got when driving them from Montana.

I got quite a chuckle at the picture in my mind of the chickens looking out of their windows in their "mobile" home and the people doing a double take. Some well-traveled chickies. And what amazing problem solving you must do all the time! You don't need any sudoku to keep your brains firing.

I have tried to vote several times today but have been unable to because the validation code does not show up on the screen. I am wondering if other people are having the same problem.

Regarding the flatbed trailer move, I guess that's one unique answer to the question "How did the chickens cross the road?"!

I love the care and thought you have put into caring for your chickens!

You have a real palace of a chicken coop! Does it also offer built-in Bose Wave radios, satellite TV and a wet bar?
I laughed myself sick picturing your traveling coop with the puzzled observers looking in and the equally puzzled chickens looking out.

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