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November 04, 2012


Looks like this post was for Rolling *Log* Farm. :)

My chimney sweep told me that soft wood like pine will deposit more stuff along the inner chimney, thus increasing the risk of chimney fires. Someone who burns hardwood doesn't have to have the chimney cleaned as often.

So glad to hear that you are all safe and sound. We were worried!

Yes- so relieved to hear you took the superstorm in stride. I have one in the closet with a thunderstorm (and who can blame her), so was concerned amongst all your personalities that could be stressful... phew! :)

Here's to a warm and cozy winter for you guys!

Cassie, please see this post for more on the wood boiler:


Steve, you probably explained it when you first moved out there, but I need an explanation on the wood boiler. What IS it??

Also, SO relieve the storm didn't give you much trouble.

So good to hear you escaped any damage and quite interesting about burning hardwoods!!

I am happy to read that RDF was spared the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Still voting.

So thrilled you were not bothered by the storm and you actually had visitors. The work that goes into running the Sanctuary is astonishing--I have energy but am exhausted after I read you post.

It's a comfort to know you're all well and safe.
I found I can vote for you as many times as I shut down and reboot, which I usually do several times/day anyway.

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