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November 13, 2012


Penny is so tiny! Kitties are not afraid of dogs who are amaller than they are. Glad to see you are the weekly winner in the shelter challenge. I'm sure that money will come in handy for holiday animal treats! ha h

Maybe Smoke and the other barn cats were playing Truth or Dare and Smoke was challenged with a "Double Dog dare!"

I love how Smoke has him arm out..he was going to try with all his might to get Penny's attention! Great picture :)

Penny will admit that it's hard to hear when you're drinking. Our 16-year-old dog is mostly blind and deaf now, and it's sad and funny at the same time to see him being oblivious of a rabbit panicking a few feet away, or a neighbor dog going ballistic at him behind a fence. He just moseys around in his own little bubble. Penny is so cute.

Perhaps Smoke was attracted to Penny because her size made her approachable. Then, when he tried to touch her and she didn't react, she was even more approachable. Smoke had a tale to tell to the rest of the barn cats that night, "I almost touched a dog!"

Congrats on being a weekly winner in the Shelter Challenge. Love to all at Rolling Dog Farm!

I always love hearing about and seeing Smoke!

Silly kitty.

Mamma Heartbeat

Penny is as cute as a bug! Human or cat we all would love to give her a hug.

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