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November 15, 2012


You all - Steve, Alayne and the whole 'gang' cheer me up - even in the end of a bad day. Oh - Sophie? ONLY cute Sophie will ever know about her reasons... He, hehe... mysteries are mysteries! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, Steve, Alyane & RDF!! Cant's wait to hear about the new arrivals. Great work at RDF.

Can't wait to hear about your new arrivals! Yes, the minds of dogs are mysterious and deep. Obviously Sophie lives by her own code when it comes to toys.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What made the toy so attractive was it belonged to someone else. However, I am so glad to hear about Sophie! :) :) :) She is such a beauty!!! For all of you at RDF, have a blessed Thanksgiving. Are you going to go after 1 of those wild turkeys as the main meal of that day.....If so, it might not be so happy for him. In any case, hugs to you all!

Way to leave us hanging, Steve! ha ha Can't wait to see the new arrivals. Wishing you and Alayne and all the furry ones a blessed Thanksgiving.

Steve, you are a TEASE!! But Happy Thanksgiving, I know all the Rolling Dog Farm animals have lots to be thankful for. Bless you and Alayne, Kate and all who lend a hand.

Thanks for sharing this very cute picture. My dogs had a bunch of toys that none of them were interested in using. They'd sniff them and walk away...wouldn't even do what Sophie did even once! One nice thing is that I save a lot of money not having to buy toys :)

Can't wait to hear about the new arrivals!

Congrats on winning another well deserved $1,000!

totally unfair to mention two new arrivals and then make us wait until after your blog break to hear about them!

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving, folks, and enjoy your blog break!

Happy Thanksgiving to you two and all the RDF residents! SO thankful for you and all you do to preserve lives that may not have had another chance. God bless you guys.

congrats on the week 5 win!!! And can't wait til you get back from the break to hear about the 2 newbies. Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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