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October 04, 2012


I loved the story of moving your chickens from Montana to NH! The driver must have gotten some very strange looks. And what other chickens have goten to see all that scenery!!
Take care and have a great Thanksgving!
Rock, Michigan

We all know that every species is welcome at RDF! :)

There's always one that is more curious than the rest. Obviously she hasn't heard of Thanksgiving. :)

Things are never common place at Rolling Dog Farm-for anybody!

Post a calendar on the fence with 22.November circled. You'll not see Gladys nor her friends again for a long time! ;)

She feels the love from RDF.....

Too funny! Have a great day!

Hilarious post! Thanks for the laugh!! Have a great weekend everyone.

Rolling dog farm gives off good vibes for safely and caring. Nice to know they feel so comfortable.

Keep us posted on the "Gladys" adventures....

Your turkey guests are fascinating! Can't help thinking of the old saying about the grass is always greener... :)

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