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September 20, 2012


Peaceable Kingdom :-)

Reminds me of an old guy with acreage east of Kalispell next to the mountains. He had barn cats and a Newfoundland watchdog (to warn about marauding bears) who couldn't care less about the dozens of wild turkeys that settled on his property. The dear old man carried dog kibble in the pockets of his coveralls and the turkeys would follow him around begging, plucking the kibble right out of his hand. Shy? Hardly!

Turkey see, Turkey do! Awesome!

I'm jealous - I've been rather fascinated with wild turkeys since watching the PBS special "My Life as a Turkey"; you should check it out :)

I can just imagine our furry friends saying"Pst,Pst I just wanted to tell you this is a fabulous place to live and our people take such wonderful care of us come on over" Thanks for sharing the whole spectrum with us!!

They know a great place to hang out when they see it! Loved the latest newsletter. Great photos and wonderful stories.

Glad to hear the neighbors are finally warming up to the "new people" on the block! Does anyone else think turkeys look odd sitting in trees?

That's so nice they now feel at home. I didn't realize they slept in the trees at night. I had a guinea hen who came to live in my yard and become one of the crew and she slept in the tree at night, too. I'm sure they must help with the insect population or have another job they perform in exchange for living at RDF. Very lucky birds indeed.

Isn't it interesting when they feel safe---it is pretty darn amazing. Hopefully they don't multiply and take over. Reminds me of Trooper and the chickens.

Those turkeys know a good place when they've got it! :)

Ah, the sign that you've finally "arrived!" Congrats!

Great neighbors, great distant early warning system (

Yes, turkeys can fly. Not their best feature, but doable.

How fascinating! They must feel really safe there.

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