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September 16, 2012


Ha ha ha... that Wilbur is so adorable!

Instant smile when I saw this. Dexter almost looks like he's thinking "Do you believe this guy?" As for the Wilbster, who knows what goes on upstairs. Love both these little guys!

I, like others here, also cracked up right away as I looked at the photo before I read the story. I just had to enlarge the photo and laughed even more when I saw Wilbur's face with that cute little tongue sticking out.

I always get a kick out of the ingenuity of the fuzzy crew at RDF :)

I really like Celia Brown's idea of a calendar with the funniest photos. That would be a great way to raise money for you all!

Hugs and Kisses to Wilbur and Dexter!!!! Love Rolling Dog Farm!!!

Dogs aren't always good at backing up. Also they're mostly stubborn and always hopeful that dilemmas will suddenly evaporate, with or without human help. This combination leads straight to the "head stuck in a small hole" situation. Great photo!

Ok, that does it. You guys really need to make a calendar of hilarious dog photos and put this guy in it as the poster boy. I haven't quite figured out which month he would be, maybe October? Personally, I would buy at least one of these calendars and maybe a few to hand out to special friends for Christmas. It would be a good way to get the word out about how wonderful "special" pets can be.

Both expressions are so adorable....

Good Morning from beautiful British Columbia....what an adorable picture....such little sweethearts! Thanks for sharing with us....

The second I opened this open and looked at the picture I laughed out loud before I even read the story behind it. Your stories and pictures really start my morning off to a good start!

This photo is absolutely priceless!!! I love that Wilbur!

OMG so cute


In this case your name should be "Rolling on the floor laughing Farm". The things the animals think up to keep you entertained...

Can't stop laughing!!!

Too adorable!!!

Caption: Having one of those moments....


Just too funny! You just about have to get the enlargement to see his reminds me of the puzzle my kids had 30 years ago of ET in the middle of all the stuffed animals im the closet!

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