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September 12, 2012


Yes, you better not let any of your crew see this. Before you know it one of the organizing types will have drawn up a rota for sleeping in the bed with you.

LOVE Minks fangs!

Oh Mink!!!

What are the thread counts of YOUR sheets? Do your humans make sure they warm up your blankets on cold days to tuck you in with? Do you get served breakfast in bed?
Are we just so blessed to have our humans? They love us. :)

Love, Ella
OXOXOXOXOXO's so wonderful to get a peek into Mink's life. It looks like she is pretty proud of herself too!

That's the way to live!

Thanks for sharing! Love to see these photos of your former babies living the good life in their furever homes :) Mink is a gorgeous cat!

Four of our cats sleep on the bed with us. The fifth has cerebral hypoplasia and can't get on or off the bed so she sleeps in a kitty bed in the bedroom or goes under the bed. For some reason the four on the bed all lay on my pillow or on my side of the bed! A little hot in the summer but great in the winter. Great to see Mink by the way.

Mink brings incredible joy and humor to our household. We adore him and all our friends want to kidnap him!!!!

Alumni pictures are AWESOME! Precious Mink is one lucky kitty. Thank you for sharing Shirley & James (& for posting Steve). I love seeing what they are up to now, knowing what great lives they are leading.

Mink Schminker!! Doubly lucky kitty schmitty!

Great Photo!! Mink you sure deserve to sleep in bed with your humans! You wouldn't want one of my photos either as I have Levi, Timmy, April and two cats in bed with me!!!

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