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September 30, 2012


The eyes have it! lol

I have enough problems trying to eat with only 2 dogs looking at me...can't imagine how you all can resist the pancake crew :)

Love the way Wilburs blanket is still on his hind end.LOL Hugs and kisses to all!!!!

It's always nice to have an audience... at a distance! Is there any heckling? We do the same with our dog when he gets too interested in what we are eating, and then he launches into what we call "dinner music." Always good for a smile.

A pancake a day keeps the barbarians at bay.

Hey, hey! The gangs all here! How wonderful to have all of those little eyes watching you adoringly as you munch on pancakes. I love it!

That is a lot of cute gathered at the gate. How do you get thru a meal without sharing?

So one extra pancake per doggie wouldn't have hurt, would it? :o


This looks like an old Jimmy Cagney movie, right before the prisoners start banging their tin cups on the bars and making demands. :)

So many minions, so few pancakes!!

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