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September 23, 2012


Cozy with a capital Z! What an adorable little character. Thanks so much for giving him the chance to express all that wonderful charm :)

Ah, my dose of Wilbur cuteness...I just love the little guy! This picture is great. He's certainly resourceful, that's for sure!

Wilbur you steal our hearts!

So where's the Dex-Man hanging out now that he's been de-throned? Or has Dexter simply claimed a new territory?

I love Wilbur!!!!!!! AND, by theay, Owen still unmakes beds. I had to block off the upstairs. He also likes to chew up doormats!!!<3

That's a beautiful throne. And so strategically placed so as to enable him to monitor the goings-on in the kitchen. I'm surprised there haven't been any prospective usurpers making an attempt at a coup. It certainly looks cozy... and big enough for someone bigger and/or with more seniority, co-regents even, for example, Madison and Dexter. :)

Ok, now you have to do an entire calendar of just Wilbur photos, he looks just like a beige version of "Ox", one of those fetching little Ugly dolls.

Christmas card material how cute....

I adore this little guy!

Wilbur appears in your blog a lot. Isn't it funny how the smallest of dogs can bring the biggest smile to your face and truly win your heart? And in Wilbut's case that expression and extended tongue is a part of his charm. We love Wilbur blogs. He's obviously a verry happy guy. He's lucky to have you but then again, I think you two are lucky to have him!

Since this is Dexter's bed, where has he moved to? and how has he reacted to this "take over" in the kingdom?

That is so adorable. He rules. And what an honor that is for him.

Who wouldn't want to snuggle in all that comfort? Wilbur has the wisdom of Solomon........perhaps a name change is in order??

Well Wilbur is certainly a unique looking little fellow. He looks pretty darn content too, seems he has found his spot in the world :)not only on his 'throne' but in your hearts.

Oh, good grief, he is so durn cute! What a face, what an him.

Wilbur is certainly king over his domain.....besides that, his cuteness should count for something!!

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