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September 28, 2012


Sweet, SWEET Madison! I'm sure she had a great rest!

And knowing she is loved. Thank you for taking of of these darling creatures. God bless you both!!

Good Morning from beautiful British Columbia - ummmm....warms your heart to see a beautiful soul enjoying life.....and we sincerely 'thank you both' for providing such a wonderful life for her....

One of my dogs sleeps in strange positions like Madison is doing in that adorable picture. As long as they are comfy and happy, it works! :)

"full tummy, comfy bed, and ... sound asleep..." And, no doubt, a content heart as she is loved and safe. Sweet dreams, Madison.

I can relate! :-)

You folks are doing a wonderful thing taking care of these babies. I love your website and things you post.

Ah, nothing like a nice nap after a good meal ! Gotta rest up for the next one.

Ah, contentment. That's a cozy-looking leopard print thing she's lying on. Nothing like an after-dinner nap. :)

That's a nice photo of Madison. But when you click on it to blow it up, you can see she almost blends into the blanket she's laying on! She looks very content.

Always so great to see you Madison. Hope you had a good nap!

Comfy indeed! I enjoy reading each and every one of your posts. warms my heart that these animals have you all to love and take care of them!

A good meal can do that to you!

Madison does look so content there- wish I could get that relaxed sometimes!

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