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September 26, 2012


makes me homesick for New England,living in southeastern NC

Beautiful. Peaceful. Wishing everyone at RDF a sweet weekend.

What a treat. Enjoy them while they last. How is your apple crop? Hope you have a good one. Thanks for the beautiful picture.

Hmmmm..low this morning in Tallahassee - 73 degrees. When it hits 70, sweaters out! Winter is just around the corner.

Simply gorgeous!

Absolutely beautiful! Here where I am in the coastal part of South Carolina, we don't get the beautiful color changes. That is one thing I miss about living up north.

Drop Dead Gorgeous!!!!!!

Just beautiful. Makes me homesick for the mountains in PA. Living in Nebraska now. Thanks for sharing. ENJOY.

Beautiful pastoral scene! Wish I were there!!!!!

Spectacular! Must be even more so in seeing it in person.

I always wanted to visit New England to see the autumn colors. I may never make it, but I can see them here. Thank you!

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