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September 18, 2012


EVERY post I read from you inspires me. You guys are just amazing and beautiful people. Lucky dogs! ;)

'Adorable' is the word that came to my mind too.

They are all so precious! Definitely a party of cuteness!!!

Now thats a Christmas card

Oh, my gosh...adorable!! Thanks for my cuteness factor for the day!

The RDF Cute-O-Meter runs amok yet again! SO adorable! And I have to say, I just want to pick up Fuzzy and smooch his little Muppet-like self!

Absolutely adorable. Just love the pics.

Instant smiles on my side. Love them all!!!!

A picture is worth a thousand barks!

Very cute! Clyde certainly has a mind of his own. These independent types are always entertaining!

Oh, you beautiful dolls! You great big beautiful the old song goes. Lori did a great job "gilding the lilies" and Alayne & Steve an equally great job capturing them in all their glory. They are just too cute but I can appreciate the effort of attempting to get the picture! Good job, All!

I have a huge affection for big dogs but I would like a little dog at some point! They are so stinkin' cute!

Mamma Heartbeat

Oh my goodness....true *CUTENESS OVERLOAD ** ~ thanks for sharing such adorable pics. of your babies!

How precious! The only thing missing is a picture of Alayne dancing to get their attention! :-)

Too cute beyond words!!

Oh dear, too much squee in one photo!
These little ones are so cute.

I agree. Adorable is the word to describe this photo. And I think the bandanas add the finishing touch!

I wish I could reach into my computer screen and just hug all four of these guys.


OMG .... adorable. I just want to take them home and snuggle :) WAY TO CUTE!!

Almost unbearably cute!:-)

Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures with all of us, Alayne & Steve!

Four living dolls! I used the page-down button (on my computer)very fast to get a stop-action animation effect with these cuties.

Yep....they sure are all very cute! Lori did a great job!

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