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August 27, 2012


I've been hearing from people in my home state of New Jersey that the leaves are starting to turn a bit up there. The weather nationwide is so unpredictable. Here in the coastal area of South Carolina, the leaves don't always turn at all...most of the time they just go from green to brown and then fall off.

Here on the NH seacoast apple harvest is coming about a month earlier than it used to. Also in my yard the oak trees are dropping dead leaves and the oaks are usually the very last to fall. We had such a mild winter last year. I do wonder what these early traditional signs of fall mean for the winter ahead.
Interesting to hear from others in different parts of the country and what they are noticing too.

I live in North Central Pennsylvania and the trees have started turning here too. I am concerned about this winter...

Here in MN. lots of the leaves on the trees have been turning yellow and falling. It's 85 degrees today and it just doesn't feel right.

Same here. Our leaves have been falling for about 2 weeks. We had an extremely hot July and an oddly cool mid-August. Who knows what winter will be like!

Has it affected the apple trees too?? Strange weather for sure all over the country.

i enjoy reading this blog, so awesome! keep it up!

Way over here in Minnesota, I'm seeing maples turning red already too, and some have been doing that in little spots for weeks. Crazy.

I noticed in early August that here in central Illinois the crops and trees looked more like late september, which is close to harvest. This has been one messed up year!

I see it in MA too, where I'm bringing back an old farm. As I harvest trees I am re-planting with species that thrive a bit farther south. I long for a sugar bush but so many here are dying, not sure if it is even worth trying.

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