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August 28, 2012


I remember reading/hearing some time ago the theory that, because we have gotten so far away from connecting with the earth daily so everything is suffering; .... perhaps Spinner (and other dogs/animals) prefer the holes because it is a closer connection to the natural energies, etc.

What a sweet girl....nice to see her so comfy and peaceful too!

Spinner is picking up where Dusty left off. My crazy dog (black) lays in the middle of the yard, in the summer sun, in August, in Florida. Crazy.

So sweet Spinner. Dusty loved his little whole too!

Spinner! One of my favorite doggies. I just love this girl. She looks terrific in her hole.

No doubt they get some satisfaction out of the do-it-yourself aspect. :) Spinner looks very cozy in her hole.

Spinner is so precious. They just go where they are most comfortable I guess. All's well!

Spinner looks absolutely beautiful curled up in that hole. Which one used to curl up in the hole under the tree out front? Maybe the digging is part of the lure of a "hole of their own".

Spinner looks cozy and relaxed. Everyone needs a comfy spot to relax in from time to time...and comfy is a matter of opinion. :)

Sweet. Dog know cozy, to their own style, as your blog proves over and over again :)

I was just pulling weed yesterday to clear a perfect spot for seedlings. And my Annie loved that work, too. Nothing better than the soft dirt!

Spinner is so adorable. I agree about the dirt, from seeing that behaviour myself - something about it. Thanks for the cute pic.

Awh sweet Spinner....nice way to stay cool.

I just love seeing Spinner. She's a beautiful girl. My dogs will sometimes do a little digging and then lay down, but they usually don't go full out and dig an entire hole. As long as the dirt is in the shade, they're happy.

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