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August 09, 2012


Looking for Shoeing Stocks in NEW New England? Meader Supply has them in stock. They are already assembled and in Draft Size. Call 1-800-446-7737, like us on facebook, or email us at

Just voted! Saw you on Jack Hanna's tv show. Amazing work!!

I always enjoy seeing and reading about all the different aspects of life on the farm and this is very interesting and informative. Thanks for posting about how this shoeing for Billy and Bob is done :)

I saw those beautiful horses when I was there to pick up Owen. Would love to meet them up close and personal "next time!" By the way, any tips on housetraining Owen D. Dog? He's doing better bur I've tried everything I know. I love him dearly and you should see Suzi with her gorgeous new hairdo. She looks like a showdog!

I love how every aspect of RDF is featured.It keeps us all in tune on what actually goes on in loving and caring for our furry friends.Steve and Alayne are two of the most special people out there.God couldn't have picked a better pair. I thank them for their love a devotion to their wonderful furry family.

Ditto for interesting! My dogs and cats are a wee bit touchy about their feet - it's always fun!

Fascinating read. In the second photo, it looks like Billy or Bob, (don't know which) is kind of resting his fanny on the straps. As good as those ol' boys are, I bet you could have sat them down in a recliner and they'd have been happy to hand over a hoof for their manicure of pedicure. They are so, so beautiful!

A portable forge - who knew?! This post is fascinating, not just for the info on modern farriers, but because there's no such thing as too many Heavy Horses! Virtual apples to BillyBob from me. ;D

I never know what fascinating information you'll come up with on your website. Thanks for new insights into modern horseshoeing!

Very interesting. thanks for blogging

How wonderful to have such great people to come bring the services you need for these guys!

I'm curious as to how much it costs to shoe Billy&Bob? I used to marvel at the size of my Grandparents' draft horses - especially their hooves!

Fascinating. Do you keep the horse stock, or is that one you just use as needed? Your farrier keeps a very clean work trailer, very nice. And hopefully BillyBob will, with time, learn that at RDF horseshoeing is not a bad thing, but "just a thing". Hope BB got at least a carrot or 2 for being good.


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