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August 30, 2012


I just wanted to point out that "organic" doesn't always mean pesticide free. Some organic farmers continue to use *natural* pesticides to prevent infestations.

This is something everyone should know.

Those potatoes look lovely! The story about conventional potato farming is scary! I'm definitely motivated to find organic ones now. Have a happy Labor Day weekend!

We had a visit as a child from a uncle up north. My dad was going to dig up the potatoes for the year. My uncle went with us to the field - I will never forget his words. "You mean you eat the roots" According to his wife he never ate another potatoe, carrot or peanuts again. As kids we all found it to be soooo funny because we were raised on a farm and just thought everyone knew where food came from.

I just want to know one thing - do you guys EVER sit down and take a break??!! You've got more projects going than most people ever get to, it's amazing! And thanks for the info about the taters - I had no idea they used that many chemicals, so organic all the way for me now too! Have a nice holiday weekend - and don't work too hard!!


Thanks for the enlightening post. I try to eat organic whenever possible and this already confirmed in graphic detail what I already knew. Congratulations on the wonderful crop! You and the animals should enjoy it. Enjoy your blog break. (And I still think photos of doggies we don't see as frequently along with their names and no post would be wonderful during a blog break!) Thanks.

Good job on the crop! After reading your very informative dissertation on the growing of potatoes, I threw out the 5 lb. bag I had just bought at the store. Yuk!

Enjoy your "Blog Break". I'll sure miss them!

Hugs and Puppy Kisses,
Roo, Emma Sioux, Genie Bee and Their Lucky Mom

Great work, everybody! You may need to sell some off to have a place for all of them.
Thank you for the information. I have been eating organic for the last couple years because of all that toxic muck.

I also meant to send congrats on being the most recent weekly winner of $1,000 in the Shelter Challenge!

That's quite the bumper crop you have sure won't run out and you could probably feed the entire town :)

The information you give us is not only interesting, but extremely useful! After reading about all those chemicals, I'll never look at a potato the same way again and think that I will be checking out the organic section of the store from now on.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Labor Day and enjoy your blog break!


I wish I had read this years ago, wow! That's a huge amount of chemicals, and that's just one tiny portion of the food we eat. Thanks for sharing; I'm only buying organic potatoes from now on.

Enjoy your week off! :o)

Beyond the wonderful work you do for the animals in your care, you are doing a great service to the rest of us by bringing information such as this to the attention of your many fans. I think I've eaten my last non-organically grown potato (esp. the skin!)

Kudos to you for going and growing organic! Barbara Kingsolver wrote a book also about eating only food that was grown by her family, or within 100 miles from where they live. It was a very informate book as well as interesting. Your potatoes look like they liked the organic treatment just fine!
Enjoy your blog break & I wish you & the gang a great Labor Day!
Hugs all around,
ginger & Jockamo

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