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August 12, 2012


Super photos! And of course, just love seeing Bugsy enjoying his cuddles :)

Thanks's always so much fun to see pictures of the RDF family....especially nice to see so many of Alayne and Steve!

Come back and take more! There's lots more critters I'd love to see...

FABULOUS photos.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful, wonderful photos taken by Judy. They are fabulous!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! Made me tear up, sure miss the ranch and having you all here in MT. Must plan a visit this Spring!

Incredible pics, thank you so much for sharing! Love you guys!

Cash sure has grown into a handsome fella. The shots of him and Lena made me tear up in a good way, I have to admit.

What a treat to see so many photos! Thanks Judy!

The photos are fantastic! Is Cash still attempting to "throw around his weight" with the draft horses?......if only I could wrestle that adorable dachshund away from Alayne. Drat! :)

Thank you for sharing, Judy, and Steve/RDF. The photos are a wonderful tribute to your wonderful work on the Rolling Dog Farm. Makes me feel like I'm getting to visit in person.

I really enjoyed the pictures! Thank you for sharing the link with us and Thank you Judy for taking these wonderful shots of all the animals!

Cash is hilarious!

Thanks to Judy for sharing her photos.

Awesome Photos!! I can't believe how handsome Cash has become! I miss volunteering at the Ranch, hum Farm, every month!! Seeing them in your photos brings up so many memories!!

Great photos of all the kids! It's so good to see them all so happy and healthy - especially Bugsy since we haven't seen much of him since the initial story about him. So glad he's adapted and knows he's loved. My daughter and I would love to be able to come up there and meet everyone!

Thanks, Judy, for sharing. Any pictures of RDF are heart warming. The back stories always make me cry but then I think, the hurt is over and these animals are finally learning what love, safety and comfort is all about. RDF Rocks!

Cash is such a ham! He has always been a boy of much personality! Thank you Judy for sharing. What a beautiful set of photos. Love that Spinner and Daisy!!

What beautiful and wonderful photos ! Someone should publish them in a book so the proceeds can go to the farm. I certainly would purchase a copy both for myself and for gifts.

Lovely photos indeed! Thank you so much, Judy, for sharing them with us!

I just looked through both sets of photos from Judy and they are tremendous. Thank you so very much for sharing them with us. They are a different perspective than the photos in Steve's usual posts. And it's funny how little Wilbur seemed to be in so many of the photos. I guess everyone thinks he's just a perfect cutie like I do. This was a great post. Thank you Judy for sharing. It's wonderful you got a chance to see all the animals in person. You're so lucky.

Judy's photos are wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing. Anybody who has ever had the chance to visit RDF and have the privilege of meeting the residents, Alayne and Steve will never be the same. It is a MOST SPECIAL PLACE!

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