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July 08, 2012


Oh my goodness....tears are streaming down my face at this devastating news about your cherishest little boy...Pip. My heart truly goes out to you...such a beatiful little soul..most fortunate for you to have fund each other for the time it was to be....God Bless you all......xo

I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of darling little Pip. The good thing is that he felt your love and care in the last part of his life. That is so important. I have always believed in general that feeling just a few moments of ecstasy in the lap of true love can mean you have lived. Sorry you did not have longer with this precious little creature and he with you. Thank you for all you do every day!!

We are never ready to say goodbye but we are thankful for the time we had with them to shower them with more love than they ever thought possible. You and Alayne did just that. May you find comfort in the other animals and knowing that so many of us care so deeply for you both and RDR.

I'm so sorry to hear about Pip - I'm crying as i write this. All ours are rescues we have 5 dogs and 2 cats. We have lost 2 this past year due to old age and sickness and I can only imagine how hard it is for you guys. Take comfort in knowing that he knew he was loved just like all the animals on your farm. I'm so grateful to know you guys you give me inspiration on a daily basis.

So very sad... rip little Pip.

I am so sorry. Pip had, even from afar, grabbed my heart. Thank you for giving him and your other four-footed-friends love and care.

I am so sorry you have had so much loss! But look at the ages of them, all in their teens!! You kept them happy and healthy for such a nice long life! You can feel good inside that you provided such a great, safe and happy home for each one of your animals. Nobody lives forever, but you gave such good quality to them all.
I send you both hugs from my heart to yours that the pain will lessen with time. Blessings to you all.

I have no words, except for my deepest sympathy and thanks.

Those of us that are involved with Rolling Dog Farm (Ranch) through support in its many forms are all heavy-duty critter people. As such, each of us had had to deal with the ache of having to let a well loved animal go. One would think it would get easier through the years, yet the large lump in the chest, and the terrible heart ache that brings tears without warning are inevitable each time. May the joy of saving other fur-kids overwhelm your pain of loss, and the kindness and love you gave little Pip remain as a happy memory.

While there has been too much sorrow in your life this year already, know that there has also been joy in all the love you gave to these wonderful companions. Because of you they were able to have a loving home with brothers & sisters and lots of attention they might normally not ever been able to experience. Even with this post you were able to insert some humor when you wrote about Pip's reaction to your opening the door for him each time he came inside.

So sorry for the loss of little Pip, he seemed to bring you some great joy in his short stay and must have been a wonderful little guy. Stay strong and "Thank You" for doing what you do.

My heart is breaking for you. Just reading made me cry. It doesn't take long to get attached and love an animal. Thank you both so much for giving these animals a good end of life situation. Pip is now resting and running in the green grass with his buddies.

As I read through the tears, I can feel the love-and the heartbreak-you and Alayne have for these precious little lives you have welcomed into your family. Godspeed, sweet Pip, and God Bless Steve and Alayne. Amen.

I'm crying as I write this. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your cute little Pip. Thank you for the good work you do for these little guys.

My heart hurts for all of yours...
I am so sorry for your loss.

Thank you for giving Pip the best weeks of his life!

so sorry for your loss..i too rescued a "healthy 8 yr old" pom who was blind in one eye and couldn't walk down the stairs in march of 2011, i came to love him like i had him for 10 yrs. our routine was me to carry him up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day then he would bark when he wanted to eat. what turned out to be a routine dental (turned out he was 13 yrs and sick) was a call from the vet telling me he had chf and kidney monday he stopped eating and drinking, vet said bring him in tues and he told me it was time. it was the hardest decision to make. his ashes still lay in his bed he got for christmas. but remember he had the best time being with you guys. he was loved and cared for something he may never have felt.

I am so very sorry for this loss that you have had to endure. The two of you have the biggest hearts there are. Remember that those animals felt love even till the very end. Thank you for doing what you do! Leann N

Praying for you both tonight. THANK YOU for loving Pip so much. THANK YOU for being with him till the very end. THANK YOU for making a decision that is unimaginable. And THANK YOU for allowing us to share just a little bit of your joy - and your sorrow. Pip will not be forgotten!

What sad news. My heart is breaking for you at the loss of little Pip. Although you had him such a short time, it is easy to see from what you wrote how great his life was with you and how much he loved you and being at RDF. You gave him a wonderful happy life and who could ask for more!

I know it's been a rough time with the losses that you've had to endure lately, but please know that everything you all do for these wonderful animals at RDF made their lives that much better while they were with us. Bless you for all you do!

Steve and Alayne, my heart goes out to you, especially after having lost my little Micah last month - I'm still reeling from that and have many bouts of tears. You are not alone in your grief, and know that others come alongside you and uphold you in prayer. You are both gifts to those animals and they are blessed with every second they have to spend with you. Hugs to you from Washington.

This was very sad news about tiny Pip-- such a difficult year for both of you losing so many of the RDF pack. His time was too short but from Steve's account, Pip had lots of fun knowing that he was big enough to be a tough guy and so tiny that he gave himself special privileges. You give the gift of a loving end of life to each of the dogs in your pack. A truly special gift from both you wonderful people.

RIP sweet Pip. I love you Cedar, Smiling Sam, and Libby! I love RDF more than words can say. So, so sorry for all the losses! They are all huge! We care.

I am so terribly sorry about Pip. Little dogs, I have found, have a way of getting to your heart and making a special place there. I can't believe he only arrived in May. It seems like we've know him for much longer. As with all the dogs at Rolling Dog, he had a good home surrounded by dogs and people who cared about him and loved him. What more could he have asked for. We will miss him.

I am so sorry to hear of Pip's passing. The littlest ones always leave the biggest holes in your heart. God bless you and Alayne for loving him in his last months.

I am so sorry for little Pip. I'm so glad that he was in a loving home for a while at least. How in the world he was found as a stray is a wonder. He couldn't have been wandering very long with his lack of vision and being so small. Bless his tiny little heart.

I'm sorry for all your losses this year but thank you for what you do.

Am so very sorry for your loss.

Oh little Pip rip. I am sorry. Thank you Steve and Alayne for giving him so much love in his short life with you and he gave it back to you. Hang on to all the memories of all that have gone. It is so hard when you loose so many in a short time. In my thoughts.

I am so, so sorry to hear about the sudden and unexpected loss of Pip.

My heart is breaking for you. Thank you for loving Pip all the way to the bridge I'm sure he was barking his thanks to you on the other side.

There are no words at all. I am so so sorry for your loss. This sad news is bringing so many tears to my eyes. Please know all the readers of your blog love you and care about you both

Pip knew he was loved. Special people take care of special friends. Thinking of you!

I am so sorry for your loss. I've been following your site for over 2 years now and this is what my dream is for myself. To have an animal sanctuary/shelter like yours. You and Alayne are my inspiration and I know I will just have to get my own Rolling Dog Farm running soon. I've been religiously following every single post and I think I could name the dogs when I see them. Thousands of miles away, I cry with you every single time you lose a dog and I panic during your medical dilemmas as well. My thoughts and love are always with you and your brood. Thank you.

This is so very sad. We wish you could have had Pip with you longer. ((HUGS)) to you and Alayne at this sad time.

Oh how I wish there was something to say that would make your sorrow less painful. Smilin Sam?, Cedar?, Goldie?, Libby? Avery? and now Pip?? That's a while lot of sadness~
I didn't know them except thru this blog but my heart is breaking. Thank you for letting us know.

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