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July 22, 2012



Nice picture and very interesting info you give us as well. Thank you!

Of course I like stories about your "critters" the best, except when the news is sad, but I really enjoy reading about your farming activities,also. Thanks for sending all the information you do send. Phyllis S

Thank you for sharing the pic of your horses.

I love this photo, too. It's so nice the way the three of them are all so close together. I guess they sense where they are in relation to each other and stay close. Do sighted horses stay close like this, also, when they rest? And that was an interesting tidbit about the cows grazing for 8 hours; I never knew that. Nice photo!

Interesting information about grazing, didn't know that. Also interesting about horse chemistry. I have three dogs but the first two bonded and the third is tolerated but an outsider. Thanks for all you do and all the new things I learn.

They do look so peaceful, in the soft early morning light, don't they?

Bridger, Rosie and Nikki must have been thinking, "Life's good!"...:-)

I love this picture. That is one contented group of happy and beautiful horses. It's nice to see a horse post again!

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