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July 31, 2012


I do believe you've invented the dog bowl rain gauge! That rain photo is a welcome sight in this dry area. Thanks for the picture.

I do not believe in manmade global warming or manmade climate change. I believe in cycles in nature which are so long and slow that humans can jump to erroneous conclusions. I also believe that some people are less than forthcoming in disclosing all the information available, and that this can happen on both sides of a controversy.

Like most of the midwest we are experiencing a hot and humid summer with very little rain. Our winter last year was so mild with very little snow and much warmer than usual. For all those people out there that feel global warming isn't happening they should really start to take a closer look at changes happening all over the U.S. When I looked at the charts you included in your blog frankly it scares me. We all need to start making changes to help the planet. If we don't I hate to think what things will be like in 10 years time.

Upon reading about extremem weather thru out the nation, I feel fortunate to live in the moderate PNW climate.

Here in Kansas City, we are expected to hit our 22nd day of triple-digit heat this summer (5 days would be "normal")and we are down over 15 inches of precip after a very mild winter and extremely dry spring and summer. The grass is brown and dead, the trees look pathetic and many have already shed their leaves. It is so sad to see. I just got back from a trip to Ireland where everything was green, cool, and lush with flowers in bloom everywhere but they told me they are having TOO MUCH rain as well and that crops are suffering because of it. Still, I am thinking retirement in New England is sounding pretty good about now........

All your good research and data references and nowhere a mention of a rainfall guage! Bah! Who needs one when a good dog dish is handy?

Thanks for the interesting info. I was wondering how it was going to relate to the Farm. That Munich Re graph is rather telling. It's so much easier to realize what's happening when you can see it presented like that. It paints a rather scary picture. Let's hope our neighbors across the country get the rain they need; it affects everyone, the animals too.

My state of South Carolina is still considered in a drought but we've been having some really severe thunderstorms and heavy rains here just about every day. Some days it's similar to the couple of inches that you got. It's not an all day event, but generally in the late afternoon and can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. The big thing here is the severity and the massive amounts of lightning strikes.

2 of my dogs don't mind the thunder, but my other one is terrified. I have to use both the Thundershirt and a tranquilizer and keep him right next to me. I can't wait till this severe weather passes.

We would sure like to take some of that rain off your hands!
We too, have had 110, and it's staying that way for another week.

A happy middle for all would be great! I imagine it's tough getting your work done in all that rain.

Well, there's always rice if things get real bad.

You know, I couldn't recall Jake. Thank goodness for your search. I can't believe that it was 2008 when he and Buddy arrived. Time sure flies........

Thanks for sharing that fascinating info.

And for anyone keeping track of who still doesn't believe something is going on out there, an article today ( reveals that Richard Muller now believes there is global warming.

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