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July 27, 2012


My dog Stormie had enucleation surgery a few weeks ago. She is one happy pup - no more awful glaucoma pain, and she gets around just fine. Hugs and pats to Willie - best wishes for a speedy recovery!

So very happy for Willie's outcome. God's blessings to you, Alayne & Steve, for the great work you do at RDF. What a wonderful calling!

Love me some Beagle snores; I am listening to some right now. SO glad Willie came through surgery! Sending good Beagle healing thoughts to the sweet little man.

Scared me when I first started reading. What a relief. Wonderful news for dear dear Willie. Hugs and kisses!!!

Love Willie's laid back style. Does he have any basset hound in him or does he just photograph that way sometimes? The Rowdy Rivard Gang wish him a very speedy, easy recovery! :)

Great job, Willie!
Much better days are coming.

Willie must be such a strong little boy to be able to come through two different surgeries with flying colours! Bravo Willie!:-)

God bless you, Alayne & Steve, for taking such great care of your furkids.

Hope Willie will be back at the farm today, as planned. Please give him a huge hug for me.

Willie is sure a handsome guy! I'm glad that he was able to get the 2 surgeries done at the same time as it's so much easier on him. I'm very happy that all is going to be ok and he can continue enjoying his happy life at RDF!

I didn't realize I was holding my breath while reading this post until the last paragraph. And Willy is coming home tomorrow....he must be feeling so much better.

Easy recovery to you brave boy!

Poor Willie! Here he thought he was just going to go for a ride in the car, and ended up with double feature surgery. Hope he feels better soon! We look forward to photos of Willie modeling a cone.

As we're looking after a doggie with a BIG murmur now I'm ever so happy that he came through it all allright! For the title I guessed I was looking at an unexpected adoption photo, but a good surgery is sweet too :)


Yay Willie! You have lots of love to help you heal quickly.

Please give dear Willie a BIG HUG from British Columbia for us...Dear boy, you are indeed a fortunate soul to have such caring people around you... xo

Sending Willie much love and light!!! Here is to a quick recovery Willie. We love you.

What a little Trooper Willie is. And presumably awesome bedside manner to help him relax.
Get well soon!

Wonderful report. Yeah Willie !!!

During the ultrasound he had gentle hands on him on a padded table, was the center of attention and was getting a kind of belly rub...all lulling him into nap time....Glad to hear he came thru it all ok. And now he will be pain free in the eye department. You guys are great!!

This post had me worried at first - but the outcome is wonderful! Sweet Willie.

Yeah!!! Glad to hear he came through his surgery. Always a worry!! Willie certainly has come out of his shell since being with Katie and then back to you. He felt comfortable enough to take a little snooze during the Imaging!! HA!

Willie, you look to be such a sweet little guy. You will be feeling great in no time! Extra hugs to you as you recover.

Excellent, so that actually worked out rather well - no tumour after all.

It's so good that Willie was able to get everything fixed at once. It's such a shame he got so stressed out during his exam. Ha ha ha ha! That had to be one funny sight! Hope he makes a quick recovery. Thank you for taking such good care of him.

I'm wishing Willie a speedy and easy recovery. I'm sure he will be receiving lots of extra attention and special treatment when he gets home.

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