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July 17, 2012


Wonderful news!!! Hugs and kisses to our furry friends.

Glad checkups went well for two of your senior citizens!

I'm wondering if you've noticed any decrease in illnesses since you switched the dogs from kibble to your own grass fed beef. I'm convinced that makes a huge difference.

Our dogs are raw fed (grass fed beef among the meats) and not on any pest control chemicals. We live in rural South Carolina next to a pond. Although our dogs have not been on Heartguard for almost 3 years, they always test negative when I take them in (every 6 months).

Good, quality food makes all the difference.

Great news. After the past few times glad there is some happy news. Have a great weekend.

Great good health news!!

Widget and Dexter look like they are very good patients.

Good news is great!

YEAH!!!! Great News!

Yes, you really need the balance of some good news, and so glad you got it for two of your little minions.
Philosopher Kahil Gabran (sp?) said in his writing "The Prophet" that the portion of your sadness in life is only possible from an equal portion of great happiness. How true in your work, how true.
Blessings to you both.

You go, little Widge! - and you too, Dexter. :)

Wow, Widget really does have itty bitty little short doxi legs!! This photo really shows her abbreviated stature. What a little cutie! (with a big personality ;) )

Good news indeed! A sigh of relief.


Congrats on all the great reports!
I must say that they've really hidden the shelter challenge from me on the Animal Rescue site. This is the second day that I just don't see it anywhere! Can you let them know that you have people who want to vote for you, but can't find the place to do it?
Hugs all around,
ginger & Jockamo

It sure is great to read good news! I'm very happy that Widget and Dexter are doing well. They are 2 of my favorite characters at RDF!

I m so sorry that you lost another "friend". I don't know how you keep going - you are both saints!!!!!!I wept when I read about Sparky!! On a more positive note, Suzi and Owen are thriving and I'm so thankful to you for "saving" them for me! Owen is one character - it's a good thing he's so cute cuz he is a rascal! God bless you and all the good that you do!!!!!!!

Good going, Widget! Wink, right back at you! Dexter, you just keep on, Honey!

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