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July 10, 2012


I have linked this article to my Facebook page. (Also with a small solicitation message!!)

That is a wonderful article.

Steve, how many photos did you make the photographer take? LOL!

SMUDGE!! Good to see the little kitty, Oh, and nice article and good shot of you and the farm.

More good coverage of the Farm - that's fantastic!

Another fantastic article! I love the picture that went along with it as well!

Nice article, and great photo. Fuzzy looks like he's plotting mischief.

Terrific piece! Love how Travis got top billing too!

Very nice article.

I enjoyed both articles. It's great to see the farm being brought to others attention; and I really enjoyed learning more about you. Very interesting. We are not surprised to hear your heart speak. Thank you...

Maybe we could hear about Alayne and Kate, as well, sometime?
Thank you, everyone. Loving these precious ones is such a blessing!

I accidently made the photo very big and Fuzzy is hilarious. He's got a wild look in his eye that suggests he's going to windmill any second. Doxies seem to be especially good at that move...

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