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July 12, 2012


Wilbur's just adorable.

Oh that little darling sweetheart! Love that Wilbur!!

Love the plate, by the way! I'm sure Wilbur will soon learn to keep checking for more. My dog checks his bowl frequently, just in case...

Oh how cute! And he is helping out around the house too. Nothing like pups doing prewash of dishes to make kitchen work easier!!!! "hmm, yup, looks clean, let's just put it back in the cupboard".

I have to agree with Ann, What a face!! Too cute and TOO funny! What a character!

That face is just precious. He looks like such a happy fellow. He seems to have adapted so well to his new environment. I don't even think he realizes now that he's officially spoiled!

And Widget allows this to happen?!!!

Wilbur is so cute I just want to scoop him up and shower him with kisses!

My dogs know that every morning they will get a piece of my peanut butter toast - they know the sound of the jar opening! Wilbur looks so patient. He may not have all of his senses in tact, but he has what he needs! Egg salad is pretty darn fancy....

I had to click on the picture to make it larger so I could get a better look at that cute face. Well, let me tell you, I burst out laughing at Wilbur's expression and haven't stopped smiling yet! I just want to scoop him up and kiss him :)

Wilbur wouldn't like it much at my house...I don't give my dogs human food, but there are plenty of yummy dog snacks!

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