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July 29, 2012


I've read of dogs licking or trying to chew at what turned out to be cancerous growths on their owners. I wonder if the glands were damaged or precancerous and that is why Austin focused on them. He may have provided a cancer screening service for Trooper!

Trooper is so handsome, I just want to squish his face! I'm glad he's doing well and on the mend. He does look like he's had a facelift! I'm sure Austin will miss chewing on him...I hope he doesn't chew too badly on Louie, Bugsy or Willie :)

Perhaps someone should craft a big twisted rope knot toy for Austin, only not in the cotton thread we usually find in the pet stores, but with yards and yards of electrical cord!! Well, on second thot, the metal strands inside might hurt him, but it sounds as if cords are a real favorite.

So good to hear some good news about recoveries from surgery in your pack. You two need some up days after the recent losses.

I have always adored Trooper and wished I had a bigger home so I could adopt him, but small home, small dogs! Trooper looks like he has had a "face lift"!! :) :) What a beautiful nature he must have. I bet he misses his 2 adoring gals, the poodle sisters. I bet they never chewed his face!!! Smooches...

Gosh Trooper. This is one for the medical books I would think. Austin will find something else to chew on now. You just get rested all better!!

What a "trooper!" Sorry, I just couldn't let it pass...happy he is home and soon will be feeling 100%. Love the idea of the metal conduit for cable protection.

I'm sending Trooper best wishes for his recovery. Both he & Willie are going to feel so special these next few weeks they'll both think they are the kings of the kingdom up there.

That's such a sin - Austin playing and chewing on Trooper's face. What a gentle dog Trooper must be to let him do it. So glad that both he and Willie are home and doing fine. And Austin sounds like a rascal with all that chewing.

Trooper you are so adorable and we are glad you are doing well. Austin you silly boy! LOVE seeing that goof balls wonderful face. WE LOVE YOU TROPPIE!!!

Poor baby. I hope he feels better soon.
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Glad everyone is healing! Who woulda thunk jowls fell under "expensive and novelty" category. LOL

So glad to see my homeboy is still at the farm and doing okay. Thanks for the update!

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