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July 01, 2012


I love that you share so much with us on the blog, but glad you're taking a well deserved break. Enjoy your Fourth, enjoy the animals, enjoy your time together.

Winkin' Widget! Have a lovely 'break'. God Bless you all and God bless America on her birthday!

Perhaps Widget was just brushing up on her own version of "Oh Canada"? :)
Hope you're free of fireworks in your area that affect any of the animals. Never my favorite time of year to see mine struggle with the blasts.

Happy 4th All!

HAPPY 4TH TO ALL at Rolling Dog Farm. Widget you take such awesome pictures...adorable as always!

That shot of Widget is really great. She looks like she has just said something and is winking at you. Have a wonderful break for the 4th of July. Try to keep cool.

She looks like she's giving us all a wink. Have a lovely, safe 4th of July! I'll miss the blogs!

I hope the heat and power outages are being kind to you. Take care and be careful in this heat. Blueberry had the right idea last summer...take time to cool off, enjoy the water and relax (at least as much as a farmer can this time of year). Happy 4th to you, Alayne and Kate.

I always love seeing Widget's beautiful face, she's such a character.

Hope you and Alayne have an enjoyable week!

She's looking very expectant and a bit smug. He knows he's got you trained and you'll come across with a little taste of something for her. Great way to take leave for a week.

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