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June 24, 2012


Loved the doxie pictures as we have 2 long hair miniatures and a disc compromised beautiful long hair sweetheart we are fostering for our son who has a 2 year old and 3 mos old who just couldn't handle the additional care he required. I can understand all your dachshunds as they are such a joy and have so much personality and love to give.

Love my Dexter!!

Great photo -- I wanted to run my fingers down Dexter's sides. And turning the basket was an inventive solution -- sometimes the simpliest are the best. I live with a gimpy little rescue Schnauzer -- and know the problems. MGW

That's AWESOME you have that much hay!! I know many rescues would love to have that same set up! But you created it and I know that's a LOT OF HARD WORK! So well done on getting 2200 bales of hay for your rescue at a fraction of the price!

Sweet dreams, Dexter, you little cutie pie! (Great idea, Alayne!)

Well, I guess you won't be running out of hay anytime soon! I swear, I get tired just reading your posts describing all the hard work you all do :)

What a great solution Alayne came up with for Dexter...sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. I just love that little guy!

WOW! Sounds like some seriously tough work! Way to go! And way to go Bill and Bob, doing what they love to do! you hurt like you haven't hurt before! That said, great work, everybody. Isn't it wonderful to have great neighbors? my friend, have a brilliant mom!

Sorry - much love . But with dogs, mush love will do,too!!!

You do so much hard work for so much good. I saw the horses in the driveway when I came to pick up His Highness, Sir Owen. They are so handsome and strong!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your good works and for saving Suzi and Owen just for me. Mush love from me and all the critters!

Great photo! and a good idea to turn the basket on its side. It's hard to explain to a dog that they need to take it easy for a few days...

Wow...that's alotta hay! Hope it lasts a long time.

Hope Kate,you and Alayne, and Bill and Bob did some celebrating after that!

Dexter looks like a little angel. My Lord! You and Kate have to be two of the fittest people around. How much hay do you need for your growing family of critters and will you be able to do a second haying?

Always love the doxie photos. My favorite. They warm my heart.

Oh my gosh! I am glad you got the hay put up b4 the rain made it's way to you...We've been keeping an eye on the weather here in FL. Glad Alayne came up with an acceptable compromise for Dexter. A win-win for a cute little Doxi.

Love Dexter's new sideways bed. He seems to think it's fine, too! Just wondering, how long will the hay last once you have it in the barn. Indefinitely? (until eaten, of course.) Do you have to be sure he stays dry and free of bugs in order for it to continue to be good to be served to the animals? Just wondering. Only farm work I've ever done was gathering eggs.

Once again making the best choices!!!

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