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June 10, 2012


Um, you named your Boer goats? Uh oh. Please post on the experience of taking one of them to the butcher. We are all curious to know how you make it through that!

WE WANT GENA----Oh My---she is GORGEOUS!!!!! Darling pictures of the goats!!!

I wondered what had happened to Margaret. I'm glad to hear that she found a good home but am just a bit perplexed why you didn't let us know before, considering the size of her fan club.

Gena is so beautiful. Her all white color among the green leaves is stunning. She looks like a very regal dog. I know you will get some comments from people not liking the fact you raise the goats for food. But I think you are doing things in a mindful way.

Yet another reason the move from Montana was a good idea. There is no way they would have enough to eat there, and you would spend so much supplementing what the earth offered, it wouldn't be very cost effective. The forest and the dogs are the benefactors of this dedication you have to quality, and humanely raised food.

I so admire your bravery with the challenging task of taking livestock to the butcher. I myself couldn't do it, but I eat meat, and enjoy the buffalo my farrier raises. I consider myself lucky to live were I do have the opportunity to know where my meat comes from, for the most part. Those raised with the complete life cycle are better prepared to be a part of raising their own food, and I'm not talking vegetables.

Thank you for your dedication to the process and educating us along the way.

Gena is beautiful! I agree with the others about you giving me some great info in your blog posts.
Hugs all around,
ginger & Jacamo

You and Gena look like a million bucks - and I miss those 2 sweet little house girls/pets/goats. :)

Umm... Luke just told me he wants to come back to the farm to partake in this "Humanely raised pet food initiative"... he thinks it sounds delicious :)

i cannot handle the meat issue ! i love the farm and what you do with the animals except the animals for meat.....I am in a rescue group and to me the word is rescue not kill ! love to you all ....Mickey Boutiette

The photos are gorgeous! Gena and Steve make a really handsome couple. :) Like Dee in Ky., I'd hate to make the decision as to "who" makes it to the table. I'm afraid all the animals on your farm would end up pets for me. I love nanny goats....the billy, not so much! Maybe that would be the criterial. Welcome, beautiful Gena!

Love how you guys get all the pieces of the farming puzzle to work together, horses, goats, guard dog, food, clearing the forest. Everything is better off, humans, critters, the land.

All creatures die eventually. Some have the purpose of providing food to others. I wouldn't mind living the life of one of your meat goats, protected, loved, and well fed right up until the minute I died a merciful quick death.

Oh Gena is so beautiful!! We had two White Pyrenees that lived next door. She looks alot like them.

Where does she sleep?? Does she ever mingle with any of your other dogs?

I agree with Ann, you teach me so much thru your blog posts.

But Alayne, really? chasing a coyote??

Well done, Gena! She is so beautiful. Watching dogs work can be amazing. Gena reminds me of our Great Pyrenees Teddy B. He had been destined for doggy jail when his owners wanted a cuter puppy. He spent 12 years with us, working the perimeters of the orchard to keep the coyotes off "his" turf. When one of the employee's dogs had puppies, Teddy B. set up camp outside her kennel and patrolled their yard all night.

What a beautiful dog Gena is. I'm sure she's happy to be "retired." I'm sure she enjoys this and doesn't mind helping at all. And as much as we miss Margaret - I guess that's good news that she and her sister have a nice home. That post you did with her at the table has to be one of the all time best posts! That look on her face was just precious.

I'm so glad you have an "Italian dog" at RDF! She's a "pastore maremmano" and a gorgeous one at that!:-)

Here in Italy, her name would be spelt "Gina" (as in Gina Lollobrigida:-)).

Please give Gena (and the goats) a big hug for me.

A second career for Gena. From breed dog to guard dog. Pefect! Glad you were there when she was retired. Love your goats. A very logical and environmentally good thing to do. My problem would be not wanting to know when one of goats would be chosen for food. So love reading about the farm and animals!

I love these lush and green everything is!

Gena is beautiful! I had never heard of the Maremma breed before, nor the Boer goat breed. One thing I love about reading your blog is that there are many topics you cover that are totally new to me and I really enjoy learning about these things!

Gena obviously takes her job very seriously and it's nice that she can enjoy herself at the same time while hanging out with the goats, who also seem to be very happy to help you keep the land clear! :)

Aside from having them for the meat, do you ever use any of the goats for milk, or would that be a different breed of goat for that purpose?

I'm also glad that Margaret and Daisy have found a wonderful home...I used to enjoy all the funny stories about them.

Gena is a beautiful girl! How comforting to know she is looking out for the goats.

Gena is a beautiful addition to the farm. What a wonderful way to give her a new purpose in life!Again your thoughtfulness and earth friendliness inspire me. I am also happy to hear Daisy and Margaret got a good home. I do miss the silly Margaret updates tho...

I enjoyed seeing more of the creatures which inhabit RDF. Gena's a real beauty; I heard of Maremmas but never saw one till now. I thought those pretty goats were Nubians, but I see they're a breed I've not heard (herd) of, Boers. The photos are pretty. For future photos, I think you should buy Gena a hat to match yours (just kidding).
It's nice to know that Daisy and Margaret got their wish; till now I assumed they became Sunday dinner.

Ah, what a wonderful name! :-)

Your fields and woodlands are beautiful - Gena no doubt LOVES her job......

She is gorgeous. It looks like she can't wait to get back to her herd of goats.
I appreciate your choice of dog,and meat source for your canine charge. Well done. Well thought out.

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