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June 05, 2012


for Dee & Betsy...Dont you see it? This is Steve's version of a book. We get to read the new "chapters" as they come out, we can go back and read from the start or skip around, we can share on facebook AND vote for RDF all right here. And we get to comment, almost live, unlike a print book that you can only read. Keep the posts coming Steve, we love them and all the lives you write about. Thank you for your story telling, you have a way with words.

I agree with Dee who posted the question of you writing a book about the farm. I know you are already super busy but I think everyone would love a book with pictures and stories of the group. Especially when they are so sneaky and funny,

Clever girl...but glad Wilbur is getting all of his food now, and at his own pace.

Holly is trying desperately to look like a Chihuahua so the passing minion will keep moving and let her finish the newbies' meal.

Like I tell my 8th graders Holly: "Nice try though!" when they ask a question they already know they will get a "NO" answer from me. LOL. Does Wilbur get tastier food or is it a case or the grass is always greener on the other side? That Holly is a clever one though......maybe she thought since she can't see you, that you couldn't see her so she might be able to lay in wait to snag the grub without anyone noticing.......

Go Holly. Gotta love a girl with a plan!

I think your day to day adventures would make a wonderful children's book.
Showing all the sweet, silly things the animals do, but also teaching compassion and understanding.

Too, too cute! Couldn't fool you guys, but I have to admire Holly's intelligence. OMG! It's just too funny!

She's quite the problem-solver! Better hope she doesn't figure out how to open the refrigerator....

She is hilarious! I take it that Wilbur was not in the bed at that time? Love your have such a great way of noting all the animal amusements you encounter each day.

Holly- you get extra credit for ingenuity! If there's a will there's a way. Thanks for the smile!

Kudos for persisting, Holly!

Reading the blog today, I wondered if you have ever thought about writing a book about Rolling Dog Farm? One page articles like your blog. It would be fun to follow the adventures of your many wonderful animals. I always look forward to your blogs to see the new happenings. Thanks so much for all you both do.

I got a good chuckle out of this...anyone who doesn't think dogs are smart should read your blog! She's certainly persistent...she wants that food! What a character Holly is :)

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