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June 28, 2012


As Grand Dame of Le Maison du Chien Rouler, Madison snoozes where Madison chooses :)

I love Blind Madison. This scene totally reminds me of all the blind cat shenanigans at my house...and makes me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing. Can you please send me info on Blind Madison to my email, i.e., adoptability info?

Time to make a laundry basket and blanket run to the store...I have a feeling that there will soon be a few of these comfy sideways basket beds hanging around!

Poor Dexter, a guy just can't get a break!

It looks so cozy, I'm surprised there hasn't been more comptition for it already. :) Does Dexter ask for your help in evicting the interloper?

Poor poor Dexter. He'll figure it out.

I'm sure Dexter will get his bed back--love Madison--so sweet.

Blind Madison doesn't look that comfortable. Her body language says she knows she's in for a fight. I can't believe Dexter just walked away without a fight. My Doxies would tattle on her and then follow me around whining until I corrected the issue! :)

So does Dexter jump up and down and shout "it's mine,it's mine!!!"??? Cuz that's what my dachshie would do. Time for more laundry baskets and some "just out of the dryer" blankies"....ahhhh, nice and warm!

Never a dull moment with your crew!

Oh Dexter, sorry honey, but it's can you be upset with her?? I'd say snuggle on up next to her and nap with her but she didn't leave much room. Maybe mom will turn another basket over for you. You are a trend setter.

What is it about the big dogs always wanting to curl up in the small areas? It's too funny. Poor Dexter just stands there looking and wondering why someone is in his spot.

Oh, it's wonderful to see Madison. I think of her often.

What a sweet picture. You caught the moment perfectly, I can hear you-know-who thinking what his next move is going to be.

Poor Dexter. Maybe some additional blankets could be added on the floor to accommodate them both.

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