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June 03, 2012


Thank you for putting these pictures up and making me smile...I love these little guys!

I had a Shi Tzu that the older she got and the more teeth she lost, her tongue started sticking out. I mentioned it to the Vet and he said that the teeth hold the tongue in with dogs. Thank goodness! I thought she was being disrespectful! :)

He looks like the model for "OX" one of those totally cute little Ugly Dolls. I hope he got a good licensing deal out of it...

Wilbur, you look like the town drunk the morning after an all night bender!! Not your best shot! You tell Steve and Alayne to just give you a little time, next time, to strike your best pose. Too bad you can't operate a camera, you could catch THEM at their worst!!

Love the pictures of the two darling boys together! Sending lots of cyber hugs and love their way.

The Doxies and Beagles better watch out, the chihuahua numbers are slowly, quietly, creeping up.......

This is the perfect post for me. I love chihuahuas and these two are my favorites, although Wilbur looks like he has a little of another breed mixed in. I lost my Lena two years ago at 18 1/2 and miss carrying around that little bundle of joy. Had I known you hadn't tried feeding Pip by hand I could have given you that suggestion. I tend to think it's probably common for people to do that with tiny dogs; not sure why. I adopted my Lena when she was 12 and had the same issue. Only once in a while would she eat on her own; most times I had to feed her by hand. But I didn't mind because I felt good knowning she ate. These two cuties are more than precious. Glad they're doing so well. Thanks for the post.

Awwww, so sweet these little ones.

It's so nice that Pip and Wilbur are about the same size - soul-mates in petite form!

They can be a comfort to each other without overwhelming.

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