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May 11, 2012


Barb, Wilbur can't get into his "apartment" by himself -- we pick him up to put him in it. Steve

This is so cute. I could listen to Wilbur stories all day. One question. Does Wilbur get into that basket himself? Seems like he might be too short.

My dog does that too, one hides her food in the bed and the other one steals it. Too funny!

Holly looks like she enjoys her job. Quite a bit! Oh Holly.

I can truely relate to this story, being the oldest of 4 boys, at our dinner table if you didn't eat your food it got eaten for you. I am a pretty big guy my youngest brother is small, but he is now a tough Lawyer in LA that none of us mess with. So everything does work out.

Well, that is the cutest little head of Wilbur's sticking out of the blanket - and Holly, we'll just say you are very assertive, right?

Apparently you've found the perfect dishwasher...her services come free! Good help is hard to find and luckily you have Holly!

Good golly, Miss Holly! I like your style! :-)

Oh my cute!!

Holly looks like she's been stealin' a lot of extra food! ;-)

Wilber is really something. All I could think when I saw him under his blankie in his last post was that someone sweeping up would just mistake him for a dust bunny. This picture of him "surfacing" from his den was even better. He is a sweet little guy.

I tell ya....such clever stinkers! OK everybody - VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

No one could ever make up adventures your crew manages to create! And I am so happy you continue to share them with your readers. Is Wilbur not just the cutest thing on this earth right now??!

I'm sure Holly regrets that you have shut down the self-serve buffet. No doubt she'll find another source for snacks soon. :)

When you're lookin' to finish up your "chores", it's darn inconvenient when there is that one someone that isn't with the program and takes forever to get done with dinner! Holly is a busy, busy girl! Bless your little heart ol' heart, Holly!

That isn't mere theft.....that is HOME INVASION!!!

Dogs and their food :-) I'm still giggling over the report in your newsletter of Sophie standing up (sometimes at a slant) inside her crate... just in case. Cuz you never know.


have a great weekend everyone!

Well, Holly is just a frugal doggy. Holly says: "I don't want food to go to waste... that would be just awful!"

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