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May 13, 2012


There are no words to describe the amazing job you are doing rescuing these dogs that need so much help.

In your first post about Sparky you wrote that he seemed almost surprised at being petted, but pretty soon decided that he liked it, and thereafter could not get enough loving! What an immense change you brought into his life!!

With the illnesses he had, I do not even want to imagine the horrible death that would have been his fate had it NOT been for you - alone and unloved.
You turned all that around and gave him love and happiness, security and freedom. And yes it was only for 3 months - but it was the happiest and best 3 months of his life.
You are true heroes - changing lives every day.
Hugs to you.

OMG! It just makes my heart thump to see abused Dogs (any animal)get what they deserve which is HUGS, KISSE'S, FOOD, SHELTER and more Love than they have ever felt in their lives and to feel that they are safe!!!

What a beauty, thank you so much for saving him from that very cruel life - being tied up when you're born to be active must be hell on earth. (and Bugsy too, he must have had a horrible life with his eyes ending up like that)

It's no wonder they are so loving towards the people who saved them, they must be very relieved and grateful!!

I am currently mourning my beloved Old Girl - she left me a couple of weeks ago to join all her old friends at the Rainbow Bridge at nearly 14 years of age. It never seizes to amaze me how big of a gap they leave in one's life. I'm not quite ready yet to welcome a new little darling into my life, but soon I will be ready to love and be loved again - who knows, maybe even by a doggy (or doggies) who have been abandoned too.

Thank you for all your kindness and patience towards those you take in, and for sharing all you learn - you teach us so much.

Big hug for Sparky - run boy run, you are free now!! If I know Collies (down here we just call them Sheepdogs), I fully believe he will soon become an unstoppable black-and-white streak of energy and joy!

Re: photo "Steve & Bugsy 3" the look on Bugsy's little face is one of a little dog who knows he is loved and is going to suck up every ounce of it that he can. Precious!

To Diane Bordon, your comment about dog kisses being a wrinkle eraser...'they' will never be able to copy it in a lab, it is the application process that is the key ingredient. ie: must be applied by dog tongue.

Thank you for what you did for Sparky. Given where he came from ,it's great to know he will live out his life in peace .

Sparky, you are such a handsome guy! Welcome to your new home of lots of love, places to sniff, freedom to run and have all sorts of great adventures. I'm so glad you landed @ the RDF! Love the pics of you with Steve! Glad you realized what a great thing you now have....enjoy it to the fullest. You definitely deserve all the love you can soak up.
Big hugs all around,

What a handsome boy! Thanks to all for giving Sparky a new lease on life where he will know all about love, affection, and compassion!

Steve and Alayne, it is a testament to the care and love that you both provide to this precious animals.

I love the look on Bugsy's face when he realized he has competition. He looks like a grumpy old man telling the kids to get off his yard!

Yay Sparky!! Enjoy that love!

Welcome Sparky! His life has certainly taken a turn for the much, much better. It's no surprise that they fall in love with you once they get over the culture shock of actually being treated well. Thanks for sharing these great photos!

So touching. Sparky is so beautiful. Hoping he and Bugsy will be new best buds when not competing for your affection. Thanks, as always for your kindness.
Hugs to all!

Welcome home, Sparky!!!! I love the big dogs, and I LOVE Border collies. Wicked smart and totally devoted to their people. Sounds like he'll make a nice addition to the farm. Thank you so much, Steve and Alayne, for taking him and giving him a chance to know what life SHOULD be like!

It seems very just that Sparky's first captors are going to prison for a long time. Now he has a loving Mommy and Daddy that will take good care of him and let him be the "person" God intended. I'm thrilled to see Bugsy coming right along in his love if he'll only learn to share! :):)

A friend of mine recently expressed to me a belief I am quite sure is absolutely true. "Dog kisses are the best wrinkle preventive created." Too bad the cosmetic industry can't bottle it. Oh, maybe they could copy the chemical compounds, but nothing could copy the real factor.....the "good stuff" of a love fest with grateful puppies. I am quite sure you and Alayne are sure to be wrinkle free well into your senior years!!

I guess the love these little guys are feeling is like an intoxicating tonic - they just love the feeling after such a long time without it. I'm so glad they have found the fountain of love and care and respect in you guys and the peace of the farm.


Ditto ditto and ditto to all the other comments! I have two rescues who are polar opposites in temperment and who are still in transition. It is the most awesome emotion in the world when they begin to trust and return your affection. Sparky is a lucky boy!!

Really needed this for a Monday! Great story!!

****A BIG and WARM WELCOME**** to dear will LOVE your new family, dear one!!! Cheers, Valerie xo

Shows what a little love will do!! Thanks for all you do!

Thank you to everyone who helped in Sparky's rescue from his horrible previous life. Thank you Alayne and Steve for taking him in.

That picture of Steve being kissed by Sparky is so precious. We are looking forward to more updates as this beautiful soul settles in more and more at RDF. Welcome Home Sparky!!

What a great post Both dogs are so lucky. But I can imagine how happy Sparky is being able to run freely in the grass and sun. And when he's a little stronger I think you'll be able to train him to round up the other dogs when it's time to come in at night! ha ha And I need to know, what breed(s) of dog do you think Bugsy is? He's so cute but small. Thanks for taking care of these two great guys.

Sparky; When news broke of the crime you are talking about I remember when the local news station panned in on the criminals mobile home. All I saw was an older black dog tied to the trailer and my heart sank thinking what would become of him. Knowing his captors/owners would go to jail , I hoped he would be rescued.
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am this morning after seeing he is in your loving care. He looked so sad tied to the trailer and to see him happy makes my day. My Mr Max LOVED the freedom of rolling in the grass. He could have been your poster child for the Farm.
I, too had a wonderful dog, Mr Max who I rescued from a life on a heavy chain where he lived for 8 long years.
He had no muscle mass in his back legs and could barely walk. Within months he was running like the wind and strutting his stuff . On each and every walk
off leash ( I never put him on a leash again) he enjoyed the freedom of sniffing, running, walking or just enjoying the world around him- all new to him in many ways. I am sure Sparky will begin to love life like he should with human contact, doggie friends and rolling in the grass.

Thanks for taking Sparky. Unbelieveable how quickly he trusted and loved. No longer chained to darkness,he can run in light and fresh air. Bugsy and Sparky are testaments to the wonderful care you and Alayne give your animals. Thanks for being there for them!!!

The power of love never ceases to amaze me!

Isn't it just wonderful that Sparky is finally allowed to roam freely and to know love (probably for the first time in his life)?

Thank you SO much, dear Alayne & Steve, for turning Sparky's life around. Bless your loving, caring souls!

Hope Bugsy will learn, sooner or later, to share your affection...;-)

It just touches my soul to see how these 2 dogs, who were mistrusful of people, have opened up their hearts to let in the love that you and Alayne show them. It's a testament to everything you do at RDF.

Sparky is such a handsome boy and I know he will be having the time of his life now that he is with you!

What a great mothers day gift.
Seeing you have taught another precious animal there is love
and joy!

BEYOND HEARTWARMING!!! Sparky just hit the lottery!!!

I always try to read the entire blog, but sometimes, it is so hard. When I start to read of the cruelty that some person has done to these sweet animals, it breaks my heart. I honestly had to "skim" it. I am so glad that another one has found it's way to you and your love.

All I have to say is how precious he is! (so is Bugsy!) I can't fathom people mistreating animals the way they do - esp. since I volunteer at the local Humane Society and see more than my share of animals just wanting a loving and stable home. It is so gratifying and endearing to see how you and Alayne pour out your hearts, love and finances on them. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

Awww .. Bugsy loves to share his kisses that is for sure :) lovely lovely photos!!! Sparky is a gorgeous boy, I bet he is enjoying his new life so much.

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