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May 31, 2012


In her extreme old age, my dog sometimes didn't want to eat -- even the homemade chicken and rice I made for her. But when we offered it by hand-feeding, she ate, and this extended her life for another month. Maybe since dogs are pack animals, this kind of social eating is more appealing than the dog dish? Some of our dogs also make a point to bring a mouthful of food into the living room where the humans are eating to eat with them. Have you considered the possibility that it is just your presence, and not the hand-feeding, that encourages Pip to eat?

I really enjoy your blog and find it quite inspirational!

Dogs learn what they live! Met a rescued Great Dane that in the beginning, when called for dinner, always went to BBQ grill in yard, sat & waited! He had been left behind by a college fraternity! Much love to Pip!!

Another thing that might help is making the mixture into little meatballs - I found this worked with my toy poodle who can just not eat - or lose interest in eating part way through. His food's a mixture of wet & dry - but the main thing is that the balls go down quickly and in Pip's case might resemble morsels of food fed by hand.

At the rate Pip is eating, he'll be as chubby as Wilbur in no time. Good detective work!

Definitely rare, but I've met picky eaters before, and the novelty factor of food presented on a spoon or the fingers often overrides the pickiness. And people food begged from the person is always more attractive than the ever-so-delectable food served in a dog bowl. This does seem to be an extreme case though, and it makes me wonder if Pip has trouble smelling. The fact that he's so thin makes it seem as if he doesn't even know what to do with food unless he receives it in the manner he's used to. Anyway, it's great you cracked the code on this one.

Pip is so adorable...I just want to kiss that little face! I'm so glad that all went well with the vet visit and that Pip is going to be just fine :)

I'm glad that he is at least eating now and hopefully he'll be eating by himself soon!

How clever of you folks to figure out how to feed Pip! It's never a dull moment at RDR. I'm surprised Pip walks well; a doll-size dog that was hand-fed might also have been a dog that was carried everywhere.
Let's hope Pip will learn to eat from a dish and that the reverse won't happen (that the other dogs will begin to demand hand-feeding!). :)

Here's wishing Pip and all at RDR a wonderful June!

Awwww. What a great ending to this story! Made my week. :-) Thanks.

Amazing, and how unique! What a great observation! Delighted you have been able to crack the code and that Pip's health is sounding better than 1st impressions. Wonderful!

Ooooh...wait till Widget hears that someone is being Hand Fed!! Wonder how that will go over!!!

When we've known dogs that went off their feed for whatever reason (usually depression over being moved, being displaced by a new dog, etc), my husband's trick was to take a handful of food and pretend to eat it, making chewing, smacking noises, while ignoring the dog. Invariably the dog got interested, at which point my husband would "notice" the dog and say, "Oh, would you like some too?" Then he'd "share" his portion with the dog, who was delighted to dine with the human. Pretty soon, the dog would be eating out of his own dish. Like most people, some dogs just don't enjoy dining alone, so when they have someone to share with, the meal is a more pleasant experience.

Wonderful news on the bump and the blood work! Hooray.

Funny about the food...but so happy to hear the little guy is filling up his tummy.

You guys are on it! Once again! Bon Appetit, Pip!

Oh yeah! perseverance and observation have paid off once again. He is a happier little boy now that his belly is full. We vote every day!!

I want the job of feeding Pip everyday! What a unigue little man he is. So thankful to hear the tumor was benign.

Thank you so much for the great update on Pip!

He won't be so thin for much longer, will he?;-)

How do you plan to make him eat by himself, eventually?

What a doll! I don't know why, but on the rare occasions that my dogs are off their food for some reason, they will often eat every bit of it from my hands. So there I am, scooping canned dog food from their bowl with my fingers, and them licking it off!

You two are very, very smart angels!

Pip is lucky to be with you... I'm sure he'll figure out the bowl situation soon enough.

LOL - or maybe not! You two might just have a little dog on your laps instead of a napkin from now on.

Honestly, I've never heard of a quirk like this before - it's so darn cute and lovable that ya almost want to continue the tradition...

Hugs to Pip~

Always, always amazed at your dedication. Love you guys!


Glad to hear such good news, especially the lump, about the Pipster!

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