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May 01, 2012


Kathleen, no crisis -- just swamped!

Cutest little lump I've seen in a long time.

I just received my newsletter and had to giggle at Sophie sneaking in her quiet comment about being photographed by sticking her tongue out ever so slightly. My Genie Bee does the same thing and I never know if she's being cheeky with me or just overwhelmingly cute!! :) :) Since we have had very few posts from you this week, is there a crisis at RDF or has someone passed? :(

There is the childrens series "The Borrowers" (the little people and you have the Burrowers the other little "people". They are all so cute. :)

He is the cutest little guy.I am soooo thankful that Wilbur has a wonderful home!!! God Bless you both for all you do!!

Chihuahuas are known for their chi mix is almost always unders my throws when I am relaxing and watching TV at night or during sleep time at night. I used to freak out and think she was going to smother but then my vet told me it was perfectly normal. Whew!

Wilbur sure is a cutie pot pie!

I get similar lumps when I am changing the sheets on my bed.

Oh Wilbur! You could be a lump on my floor any day!

He is adorable. I have a soft spot in my heart for chihuahuas and he's a special one! Please get him that blanket - post haste! ha ha

Wilbur is a pistol...I just love that little guy!

Wilbur is just too cute for words! And quite resourceful, too!;-)

Oooh, loving me some Wilbster! I have the worst puppy crush on this little guy.

He's so cute! I want to snuggle him.

And would you like one lump or two?

Wilbur is very resourceful! Just received the latest newsletter. Excellent photos, wonderful stories. I especially enjoyed the article about Sophie and her little quirks. Great job on the newsletter!

Just so darn adorable!!!! As you and Alayne would say....."Bless His Heart!"

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