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May 17, 2012


Max! U R beautiful!!!!

What a great patient Max is to let the vet do all that to his eyes. This procedure was very interesting...I like to see how different conditions are treated. It's amazing what can be done.

So glad Max is doing so well!

Xtra lovin' to Max for being such a star patient! I am glad to read he is on his way to the good life courtesy of RDF.

You are such a good boy Max!

Those sure are beautiful eyes you have there Max.

And what a good patient you are. It must feel great to have that cone off too, brave boy!

This totally freaks me out. How in the world is he just sitting there?? Good lord, the stuff you make me think about Steve Smith!

Max, I am so happy your eyes are healing well. I have to say, you are much braver then me, when it comes to eye exam and eye stuff I am a huge baby.

Max is so patient and good with the vet! My dog's vets kindly describe him as "wiggly" when he has to have his eyes and ears checked. "Thrashing violently" is more like it. Glad Max is cone-free and doing well. The diaper is just his fashion statement!

That is some delicate work! Thank goodness for their steady hands. (The first thing I thought of when I saw the eye frame was "A Clockwork Orange." So Max is a movie star in all his adventures!)

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