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April 12, 2012


DeeDee, you can find a veterinary ophthalmologist nearest you by searching here:

Hope that helps, and good luck! Steve

Max sounds like my dog, Sam. He acts like there's something blocking his vision. He sort of sees, but can't follow the ball when you throw it. I'm so sad for him. I live in the DFW area. Is there a specialist I that you'd recommend for Sam?

Poor Max does look like he's being tortured with those tear strips! So glad he passed the tests and will be able to have those cataracts removed.

Ohhh, happy tears! Hurray!!

Awesome news!!!

Poor Max! He looks at you as if to say "what in the world are you doing this to me for?" If only he could know that it will be so good for him. I'm very glad that the results were positive for him and this will make such a difference.


What a great report for Max. Good news like that makes you feel good all day! I can't wait for the "after" photos of Max running around and taking in all that he sees around him. Good luck with your surgery, Max!

Such great news! Thank you.
I am so excited for Max and you.

We are looking forward to much better days ahead!

I'm simply overjoyed for Max!!!

A good friend of mine has just lost one of his cats, so I was badly in need for some cheering news...

I look forward to reading that Max has passed his surgery with flying colours.

God bless you, Alayne & Steve, for taking such great cares of all you furkids, even giving them, whenever possible, the gift of sight!

Yay! It's always wonderful to hear such great news. What a trooper Max was in dealing with all those indignities of being poked and prodded :) I am so looking forward to even better news after he has his surgery and hearing about how he'll be zooming around and enjoying seeing everything his eyes can take in.

Happy dance for Max!

How awesome...

So glad Max is a candidate! Looking forward to a good report afterward. Also voting for you guys!

Great news re: Max's eyes! What a gift you will be giving him! Can hardly wait to hear an update.

I'm so glad for Max! Sadly, our Roxie had an ERG in September last, and hers showed completely extinguished responses.

We knew she was blind, and suddenly, but our hearts still break for her. She was diagnosed with SARDS, Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome.

Life is still good for her, although she did go through a blue funk. But she's back to her old self, albeit a little more timid than when sighted.

Honestly, we love her more now than before if that is even possible. It's such a privilege to care for a handicapable dog...

Roxie, she seems to still love us, but she definitely thinks we don't give her enough to eat. HA!

We explain patiently over and over again "Roxie, there is NOT any law that says blind dogs get extra meals and treats; we don't care what sources you cite". (More timid = less walking = pudge alert!)

Happy for Max!

Go Max! Love his eyes and how full of expression they are. Cannot wait to see them after the surgery and hear of all the adventures he will be creating!

I thought those were needles in his eyes and almost had cardiac arrest. Then I read the caption, and my heart fell into a more regular rhythm. This news is so, so fantastic. Max has so many good years ahead of him, made all the more wonderful because his sight will be restored.

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