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April 10, 2012


Oh I bet these boys are enjoying stretching their legs and muscles and being out in the sunshine doing what they were bred to do!

What a great way to spread the &%$#! They are such a gorgous pair.
Hugs all around,
ginger & Tlingit

Billy and Bob are just such beautiful majestic animals. I can imagine how great it is to be out with probably doesn't even really seem like work!

I bet it feels good to be out in the sunshine, behind 2 beautiful horses. Yes, it is work, but so much better than stuck in an office!! Hugs and carrots to BillyBob.

Beautiful! I like Larry's idea, altho "Puppy Petting and Hugs" should also be added to the agenda. Does it cost less that $4 a gallon to run the horses? It certainly seems it would leave a smaller carbon foot print! :)

They're beautiful!

Man-O-Man , You two have ALL the fun ... or would that be Horse-O-Horse ?
Open up a little "Bed and Manure Spreading after Breakfast" Lodge !
I'd reserve a weeks worth ! LOL

What beautiful, amazing animals!

It's lovely to see the pictures of the boys at work. It harkens back the old days when both of my grandfather's farmed with horses. Enjoy.

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