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April 30, 2012


Thank you Rolling dog. You always give me a Smile to see the Great work you do and the wonderful animals you help.
Colleen :)

The pictures of Max ans Penny look Great! and Bless them and all your Furry Family!

So glad to hear of the surgery success...our Molly, also a dachshund has incontinence...she uses Pee Keepers...


What joyful news! A pistol that can now see. :)
Loved your latest newsletter by the way- the cover made my heart ooze with happiness.

Wow, it's so great to hear double good news today! I'm glad that Penny is just fine and that Max can now see. What a blessing! The care and love that you give everyone at RDF is outstanding and I'm always happy, happy, happy to read wonderful updates like this.

Since the male wraps come in different colors, Max can now be a fashionista whilst solving his problem!

Such great news about sweet Max!!!

Yes, looking at Alayne smiling at him at the vet clinic must have been very exciting indeed...:-)

Please give Max & Penny a big hug for me.

This is the best way to start the week giving all of us happy news. Looking at Max and that cone just makes me smile. I know he will be so happy to have it taken off.

Thank you for the amazing, happy news! Now find yourself a pretty little pup to court...

I love it when you post happy news about the many minions of RDF!

Oh, that's wonderful. It must have been so exciting for Alayne to see him recognizing her voice and putting it together with what he saw. All the better to worship the Minion Leader... And maybe now that he can see and isn't running into things, the incontinence will be less of an issue. Even when there's an underlying problem like disc issues, stress can definitely take away the little control there is. Meanwhile, he looks cute in his diaper. Congratulations again to Max, and also to Penny.

LOVE RDF!!!! Every animal who is fortunate enough to be in your care has hit the LOTTERY!!!!

OH! Such wonderful, wonderful news!!! And an important lesson counter to thinking cataracts are just something inevitable with aging that you can't do much about...

I'm particularly touched by "he was trying to put the visual information together with my voice, and it suddenly connected -- oh, it's you!!!"

Such a truly priceless moment. You so deserve it. :)

What a wonderful miracle you've given Max! And with the cone on for a few weeks, maybe he'll get so used to the diapers that when the cone disappears,he'll leave them alone (hopefully!). Turquoise, huh? I'd say he's a very stylish little man, duded up for summer.

For almost 15 years I was privileged to love and be loved by a miniature dachshund with degenerative disk disease. Would back surgery help Max? I know doctors are more reluctant to do it nowadays, but would it improve the incontinence? Bruiser, on occasion, would have "stool" incontinence if I didn't get him out within seconds of him letting me know he had a "need". We always assured him that it was okay, and those stools became known as "fairy turds". Max is so, so handsome.

Reading about Max was a great way to start my Monday! I'm going to share the good news on my Facebook page.

Thanks to Steve, Alayne and all of the generous supporters who made this possible!

Fantastic! How wonderful to be able to regain his sight! I'm thrilled for you and Max.....sounds like the Vet was thrilled as well. Great job all around!
Hugs to all,
ginger & Tlingit

What a week! Thanks for the updates of both puppies. yeah for Max and Penny!!

Outstanding Max. What a great thing to happen for you. I sure hope I don't have to wear the cone when I end up in diapers.

Congratulations to Max and to you, Steve and Alayne, for this wonderful news! Despite his other medical issue, Max will be so much better now--it was the best day in his life when he was chosen for RDF and is now an official Minion! Regarding Penny--please see the Pickets Poodles (MN) website as they had a very similar situation with a rescue named Connor whose liver enzymes went way down with no explanation other than a huge drop in stress once he was in a foster home for Pickets Poodles. Whatever the reason, Penny must be feeling a whole lot better--definitely a good news week at the vet!

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