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April 05, 2012


I guess deeming the others "rabble" and
not "riff raff" is acceptable :)

Oh! Thank Goodness!! I was thinking I was the only one who had been thouroughly trained by my pets to do their bidding. Phew...Good, I am not alone in being the staff of many.
3 cheers for all doggie staff members, you know who you (we) are. hee hee hee ;)

That Widget she is a Diva! Way to go girl!! Love her audience!

And she certainly has an audience! Hopefully the others are not learning this trick...

Ahh, she's a princess! Or a queen!

My dalmatian sits on the couch while I'm watching a movie on tv.. and wants his paw held. Yes, I'm well trained.

That is so cute! That Widget is one spoiled lady, as I recall, she even had a house named after her!

What a DARLING gang. Confused... who's the minion?

Your appreciation of the uniqueness of each one is absolutely wonderful. Have a nice Easter!

It's important for the fuzzy kids to train their 2-legged people correctly. I got the "stink eye" the other night from my dachsies and dalmatian. Ran out of doggy cookies... major faux paus. Doggy translation: "hello, mom, we are out of cookies. please pick some up on the way home tomorrow from work.... or don't come in the house".

Well you obviously don't spoil your dogs!! I would love to just sit on the top of that ramp and have a hugfest with them all they're so adorable, woo woos and all! Have a Happy Easter weekend!


Trumpets?? Woo-woo-wooing?? Pretty much the same results! :) That young lady is l-o-o-n-g on personality. They are all adorable and I so enjoyed the pictures. I know you all wait on them with a happy, loving, heart. What kind of tips do you make?

They say Dog training takes time and patience. I think Widget has her peeps trained pretty well. What the peeps should be worried about is all them other dogs aren't picking up training tips.

what a riot. That is so funny - she really knows that she's the boss. I can't help but wonder what the rest of the throng think about her antics. And I think "the throng" looks like a darn cute bunch of doggies if you ask me.

Hahaha Steve, you make my day! Much love, your devoted blog follower, Ursula

Widget has the "I have my minions where I want them" thing down to an exact science! I'm sure you know that any of the others' who are of the same mindset have probably learned from the Queen herself, and I'm also sure that she will be teaching many of the new arrivals how this tactic works. But I'm sure you already have this figured out!

Widget has one of her security detail in the crowd (Owen). He must have signaled using beagle encryption that the crowd seemed suspicious and thus Widg called on her faithful minions to airlift her back to her VIP quarters.

They do, after all, own the place!!! My cat makes me give him a drink of water from a Solo cup (otherwise he drinks out of MY mug!).....oh yeah, and it's preferable that I hold it for him while he drinks. Otherwise he sits there and waits for me to pick it up for him -- he's not TOO spoiled! Ya gotta love 'em!

Doesn't royalty precede most of their arrivals with some sort of grand hoopla? Like woo-woo-wooing?

Oh how I miss RDF and the residents.

She has you well trained! LOL!

I love this wonderful org but not many people know about you. I don't have any real money to donate at this time. but God be with you and Thank you for all you are doing to save life. Thank You. Anaperla Aureoles and Manish Aghi.

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