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April 22, 2012


So many, rather.

I wonder if he thought someone had taken him and was going to hurt him again. If only we could ask them.

Poor little guy. To come through that much trauma and change is amazing.

Thank you for being patient with him. It can't have been easy with some many animals to take care of, but it shows how committed you are to making their lives better.

such an inspirational story. thanks for sharing!

Thank you for everything!!! The photo of him kissing Alayne, is just the best!

I feel so grateful this is calming down and getting more comfortable for all involved.
Human and pet! Thank you for your love and tender patience.

What a great story! You and Alaynes love and patience with this little guy is truly heart warming! Glad to hear he is adjusting and trusting more and more everday! Big hugs to everyone!

Thank you for giving Bugsy the time he needed. As all of us know, so many dogs are euthanized before they have a chance to recover.

What a heartwarming story! I'm so glad you took the time to work with him. :)
I was sort of curious if maybe Bugsy had a bad memory of horses and the smell of the horses is what triggered his fear. Just a random thought. :)

Good luck with all your wonderful dogs!

What an absolutely incredible story of patience and love. I did chance a look at the 'before' picture and am still stunned. To think that Bugsy could recover from such trauma is nothing short of amazing. Bless all of you for your continued dedication to giving these animals a good life to take the place of whatever has happened to them before.

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