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April 22, 2012


Your stories always warm my heart! Both my daughter and I cried over the newsletter today, sad to hear of Avery's untimely death. But, ultimately, his life ended in love! Thank you for sharing Bugsy's story, too! We will continue to cheer him on in the coming months!

Love you guys w/ a passion! Thanks for all you do for animals...

This is quite a story: heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time; it made me weep. I just don't understand animal abuse at all, and I am so grateful to RDF for helping this little guy learn to trust again. I just can't express my gratitude enough to Steve and Alayne for all the good they have done and continue to do for these incredible animals that have so much love and joy to offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have been away for awhile, health reasons, but to see Bugsy story was awesome. I remember when he was found like that. I have a dog who went through the fear aggression after being abused for 8 years. I have now had him for 6 years & although at first I was not sure we would survive, he is still with me. He is getting very old & I am not sure how much longer he will be with me but he has become one of my favorites of the 8 dogs because he went through so much and has overcome so much. Yes, there may be a few set backs, we have them every now and then but he is still the love of my life & I am so grateful that I hung in there with him because he stole my heart. Sounds like Bugsy has stolen yours and ours! YAY!!!!

So impressed that the first thing you saw was Bugsy's body language and knew how terrified he was. Bless Bugsy and both of you for your patience and love.

You are absolutely amazing... as is Bugsy. I cannot imagine how a dog gets over that kind of fear.


Bless you both for your patience and wisdom in knowing what these poor injured souls need to recover.

what a heartwarming story. Your patients,love and goodness prevailed over trauma. You both are amazing...great job

Wow....what a testament to the power of love and patience!

Bugsy, you will never have anything to fear because you are loved and cared for by two angels here on earth at RDF.

Steve and Alayne, thanks sooo much for not giving up on him. Your dedication and compassion is second to none!

I'm sure he was scared and out of place and didn't understand what bad might come next....and so many people would not work thru that with him. Thank you for being so patient with Bugsy. Thank you for understanding him and giving him a chance at a happy

Awesome, wonderful news about Bugsy getting his breakthrough. As you say, there may be setbacks, but he's come to the best place to find a loving home.

Sitting here with tears in my eyes from Bugsy's story. I've alway believed that angels are here on the earth, and this story makes that belief stronger. Each of you at RDF ARE angels on earth... Please keep us posted on Bugsy's progress!

thank you for all you do at RDR. i will not be looking at the small picture because i can imagine how awful it is. But i am so thankful that Bugsy has people who love instead of punish and who honestly seek to get to know the dog and its personal issues stemming from its hard life. My eyes welled with tears as i read and was so happy to see him kissing your lovely wife. what huge steps for such a little fellow who had been so harshly wounded in the past.

I agree with what the others have been saying, it's a marvelous thing that you two can and do accomplish with animals, such as Bugsy. So many places would have just killed him. You gave him time, and love as well as respect. I think he'd never rec'd any respect before, much less the love time you allowed him to warm up to you. Thank you a million times over for all that you do.
Unfortunately, I looked at the little photo before I got to the part that it was very traumatic. I just cannot imagine why anyone whold do that to any animal. Bugsy has come a very long way.
Welcome to where you are loved, respected and cared for Bugsy. About time, eh?
Hugs all around,
ginger & Tlingit

I'm glad I have not looked at the small picture and just give so many thanks to RDF for their mission of truly saving the unwanted. Yes, I agree with Lisa without finanical support this could not be possible. Every donated $ matters at RDF. THANK YOU Steve and Alayne for your dedication and to the other rescue groups who got Bugsy to RDF!!!

I was heartsick when I saw that picture.God Bless you both for all you do, for the love and patience you have for these precious creatures that make us whole. I am so glad Bugsy that you have finally come home.

What a sweet face he has. What a heartbreaking situation for you. I'm glad you were able to wait him out. It does sound as if he had gone through one too many changes, and maybe there was a smell or a sound that spooked him. So glad he has decided to trust you. Now the rest of his life will be wonderful.

What is it the Bible says -- "Love never fails!" That is such an awesome story, you guys! Persistence and love pay off. Can't wait for more updates.

Poor little guy. I'm so sorry that Bugsy had to suffer such pain and trauma. But, I am so glad that he ended up at Rolling Dog Farm where people understand that trauma isn't only physical. Thank you all for your patience and love in helping a dog who was so severely traumatized. And thank you for taking the time to write such a long blog post to tell us Bugsy's story. I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Bless you all.

Your post made me cry. All I could think of was how many people would have simply had him killed. You two are such a blessing. Thank you so much for your patience and love.

When we adopted a rescue in June 2009 he was a snarling mess. A mini schnauzer rescued at the age of 8 from a puppy mill, he would bite anyone who tried to pick him up. When rescued, he weighed 8 pounds, had a mouth full of rotten teeth and worms so bad they were crawling out of his rectum. His foster mom got him back up to a healthy 17 pounds and had most of his teeth removed. She warned me that he didn't like to be picked up. So naturally I picked him up each day.
I carried him over to the window to look out and talked quietly to him... and waited. Like you, I realized patience was what was needed.
Over two years later I can scoop him up anytime, anywhere. He follows me everywhere—even into the bathroom if I let him. (This is fortunate since he has hindquarter weakness and falls quite a bit. I wind up carrying him outside often.)

The other day I had him resting on my chest as I leaned back in my office chair. He raised his head and looked right into my eyes, then tucked his little head under my chin.
Yeah, I cried.

Impatient people deprive themselves of some of the most precious treasures this universe has to offer.

******GOLD STARS***** to you guys....such a very sad AND happy story both....oh my goodness...what a life this dear boy has had.....welcome dear soul to your new *excellent* life!!

FOLKS! This is but one good reason to financially help support Rolling Dog Farm.

Oh my gosh, I'm sitting here reading this with tears streaming down my face. That little picture of him was shocking and absolutely heart wrenching. Oh dear, to think what he has endured.
I'm so glad Dr Lisa Nelson gave you the advice she did and that there are positive results with Bugsy.

And God bless you guys for being so patient with this hard case. I so hope that RDF will be a "forever" home for this guy. I think he needs it, don't you?

Thanks again you guys for ALL you do! I hope you are deeply satisfied knowing you give these last chances to so many dogs from near and far. I applaud you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

thank you again for your patience and care.

God bless you for taking in this poor sweet one, injured physically and emotionally! Doesn't it feel WONDERFUL to see them come around? Someone abandoned a cat in a carrier in my front yard a couple of months ago, he was in absolute terror for a month, but he is now one happy cat! I knew it would happen but he sure didn't.

This story will make me happy all day.

Thank you!!


Bugsy's situation. Thank you for your understanding, being willing to pursue help for him,for having confidence in him, including other dogs in his behalf,and having extreme patience with him. Wow! How wonderful you two are. Your kindness to these super-scared dogs is so heartwarming. Good luck in your continued work with him.

I couldn't bring myself to look at the tiny photo. The story of how Bugsy was initially "found" was enough, and it makes me wonder if somebody wasn't trying to rescue him from worse. How else would he have ended up in someone's yard? So lucky that he had so many other dogs around to act as "witnesses" and "advocates" for all of you. They gave him the added information he needed - canine letters of reference! Thank you for all you are doing - for us as well as for them!

Your compassion and patience are boundless. Few people would have worked so tirelessly with him. But then, you guys aren't really people--you're angels!

I still have goosebumps from reading about Bugsy! What horrific treatment for a helpless little creature! I am so grateful for you and Alayne for making such a difference for all of these animals. You also make a difference to all of us when you share your experiences with the animals with us. Bless you for your commitment and your love and your talents!!!

I am SO happy Bugsy was with you and Alayne when he reached "his breaking point". So many rescues wouldn't have had the time/resources for him, and many shelters would've euthanized immediately. Thank you for all that you do!

God bless you for your persistence and patience. Bugsy is a lucky guy to have ended up at RDF. I applaud you all.

Totally in tears, and so appreciative of your priceless kindness and wisdom working with Bugsy. I just couldn't open the photo, yet, but suspect I will in time, owing it to him after all he's suffered.

I agree with someone's note that indeed, love conquers all. You are amazing. Thank you all so much- M

Other than hurt feelings, I am greatly relieved that none of the minions of RDF were hurt. Thank you once again for your great patience and understanding with Bugsby. It must be a very confusing world for the little guy and may his former owner rot in Hell for the damage he did to the young man.

Poor guy. Man, you guys are awesome. I'm so glad he is there with you now. THANK YOU!

PS - you made it to some wonderful people who will love and take great care of you.

Well I clicked on the photo before I read further..and I will not be getting that horrible picture out of my mind anytime soon!!

I knew Steve/Alayne would give him the chance to recover from his fear and realized he is in a safe and loving environment. God bless you both and the Jacqueline for caring for him. He is “home” now!!!

God bless RDF and the wonderful people there who are helping mend this little one's shattered soul.

Oh my!!!! I wish we could clone both of you and spread your love around everywhere...

Bless you for your patience and love for this little dog with scars on his soul. I cannot imagine what he went thru. I pray he realizes soon that whatever happened to him b4 will never be an issue again. Thank you.

What a wonderful ending to a horrible story. Yes, I chanced a look at his photo and I can't even conceive, or don't want to, how this horrendous thing happened to him. I am so happy for him now. Thank you for all you do.

To be blinded and undergo so many new & different environments must be so frightening but as you have demonstrated, love can conquer all. All Bugsby needs is to know that he is "home" and there will be no more terrifying changes for him. It seems he has realized this and is ready to receive and give love.

He's adorable and so glad to know he is with you both now.

So many people would have given up. Thank God you didn't!!!! Welcome home little guy!

Wow, what a story. I can not imagine how things must have been for this poor creature to have such fear. If Bugsy had ended up at many other places I don't think they would have taken the time with him. You guys always amaze us.

I hesitantly looked at the photo - it makes you wonder what's wrong with some people that they don't think animals have feelings. It makes me not only angry but I feel pity for all that they are missing out on. That poor boy has been through so much. It's a wonder that he's come even that far in a month. Thank you for your patience and understanding with him. I can imagine the wonderful feeling you have knowing it's all paying off by seeing the change in him. He's got a wonderful life ahead of him and he's beginning to understand that. I can't wait for more updates.

Having seen the miracle of this type of transformation numerous times it still makes me cry with happiness and wonder at the resilient heart of dogs. Bugsy was clearly the victim of some heinous abuse but he knows there is an abundance of love where he is and as his confidence progresses he'll be just fine.

What a challenge that was/is. Thank you so much for your patience and care of this sweet guy. Bugsy is very fortunate to have you all to give him a good life. A very interesting lesson for those of us who work in dog rescue.

sometimes, a bit of time and space is all somebody needs - it's free and yet the most precious commodity in the world, thank you for sharing it with Bugsy.

I do hope that every story like this will have somebody stop for a moment and think, before giving up on anybody else, human, canine or other...

Bugsy's horrific story of abuse has brought tears of deep sadness to my eyes. But reading about how he was rescued by LCAR, then lovingly fostered by Jacqueline and finally reached RDF, where he was given the time and space to gradually adjust to his new and forever home, sadness turned to joy.

Thank you SO much for all you're doing for Bugsy!

Please give him a big hug for me.

This story just warms my heart. The love, patience and care that you have shown Bugsy certainly rubbed off on him and now he seems to be returning it back to you as he's starting to realize that there will never be any bad experiences again, only positive. He is a gorgeous boy...he looks like he has some Shar Pei in him with those cute face wrinkles.

I also clicked on the small picture and I just can't fathom how some evil person could do that do an innocent dog. Thank God for the people who rescued him and took such wonderful care of him before he was lucky enough to end up at RDF.

Bugsy must have been soooo scared. He didn't know it but he had arrived at the best place he could possibly be.

You and Alayne are angels. Your love and patience is truly healing.

Thank you for your patience in giving Bugsy a chance. He has been through so much and I hope that he will continue to find peace and happiness at RDF. That really is a huge transformation in such a short time.

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