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April 24, 2012


I love Mitch - he looks so squeezably soft and lovable. :-) I just want to put my arms around him and give him a big hug.

Cutest outtakes ever! Just goes to show what happens when you work through the "issues" and see the wonderful loving pets underneath.

Mitch looks like he's a great size for kind of dog! Please give him a big hug from me. Great pics and I enjoy the funny ones as well.
Hugs all around,
ginger & Tlingit

Too funny, LOVE the last picture! Just like a kid to make a face for the family album (ever see Calvin and Hobbes??) XXOO to Mitch, he knows how to steal the show.

I always look forward to the outtake pictures...they sure do make me smile!

I love the one you chose for the cover and Mitch is so handsome. He's just a wonderful fella and I'm glad he's doing so well.

The last picture had me laughing. His yawn is certainly "Cujo-looking"! I would just love to give that big boy a big hug and kiss!

These are great. Always love the outtakes. Thanks for sharing! Mitch is such a handsome boy.


Terrific Trio! Great shots!

Great smiles all! But Mitch's Husky smiles, and licks are THE BEST!
Thanks for sharing.

Mitch looks terrific and I'm so glad to see one of the bigger guys still at the Farm. I was beginning to wonder if you've decided to take in only smaller dogs now... easier to carry around, I know, but... I love the big dogs! Hope you'll still bring them in to balance things out.

Mitch is such a handsome guy.

Great picture for the cover - what a happy boy!!! :)

Sweet Mitch. He's another one you two didn't give up on. If I recall, he was separated from the other dogs for quite awhile due to some unexpected behavior issues. I'm too lazy to search now but Steve had a funny name for the training plan y'all put in place.
Great photos Kate!!

A pretty "gal" with 2 handsome "fellas"! Can't get a better picture than that.....Mitch looks quite dashing in his summer buzz cut and great smile! :) :) :)

What a sweet photo shoot! Love the pic of all three of you smiling and am looking forward to seeing it in the newsletter.

It's wonderful to see Mitch so happy, relaxed and goofy!

Your outtakes are always hilarious! Of course my choice would've been the last picture, lol. I love how both humans are totally unaware, Mitch certainly steals the show:-)

What beautiful pictures of all of you but especially Mitch. His kisses are his way of returning the love you give to him.

He is adorable. What a good boy.

Those are the GREATEST pictures! Nothing happier than a smiling Husky---especially Mitch! WARMS MY HEART BEYOND WORDS!!!!!

What a love bunny Mitch is - and these pictures are all so adorable. The second from the bottom where all 3 of you are smiling is delightful. He looks so happy. Of course he is - :)

First of all, I am loving the short haircut on Alayne! :-) Mitch is adorable (OK, Steve, you look great, too!!), and I am very much looking forward to the newsletter.

I wanted to comment on Bugsy--my heart just broke when I saw the photo of his damaged eyes! I am so glad he has finally found a happy, loving home with you! Another lost soul saved!

Happy Spring, guys!

Love it. You guys are great.

Mitch wasn't sure what his "best side" is. They both feel pretty good to him. So he gave the photographer what Mitch knew his fans were waiting for: both profiles.

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