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April 01, 2012


He is very cute...I love the second picture...

Welcome Max.... I can tell you are a Party Animal!!!! Shake up the place a bit.... and show'em who is boss!!!!

So glad you added another doxie to the bunch. You can't have too many doxies.

What an absolute cutie! Another doxie to love! Yippee!!

We just adopted a 12 yo dachshund who's deaf and needed extensive dental surgery. He's recouping now and full of that old dachshund "chutzpah". His dental bill was over $700 so I know the cataracts will be a doozy....sending a small donation to help.
Thanks for all you do....

Welcome Max! The more dachshunds the merrier! Sounds like he's going to keep things lively. I have to agree with everyone else: he is very cute. That long pretty fur just adds to the aura of innocence. Mischief? Who, me?

Another adoption for the always amazes me that people can have animals for so long (9 years in this case) and then give them up.....I suppose in some cases it is unavoidable because of unfortunate circumstances...but always sad....except for when a place like the Farm gets them!

What a good looking boy! He sounds like he's really enjoying himself, zooming around and keeping everyone on their toes. Hope he is a candidate for surgery. Good luck Mad Max!

He is gorgeous!

Max is adorable. I love the second picture - in my house we call that the "here is where the food goes" pose.

*A 'warm' WELCOME and "BIG HUGS' are sent down to you from southern Manitoba dear boy....xoxox

Love that little face of Max's!


Welcome home, Max!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be able to successfully undergo cataract surgery in the not-too-distant future, dear little boy!

I look forward to reading about the other "new furkids in town".;-)

And there are those cataracts. I hope the eye doc is able to get rid of those.

Sounds like Max may be stirring things up a bit in the doggie wing.

Welcome cutie!

Oh, look at that sweet face! Max, you've hit the jackpot coming to RDF..what a great life awaits you!

He looks like he's going to be a spitfire. Probably won't be a dull moment with Mad Max around!

What a Cutie!! I love him already!

Welcome Max! You'll fit right in with this group. Praying for good results for all at the doc's office this week.

what a doll! welcome to New Hampshire cutie pie!

Max is Beautiful! I recently lost a beautiful little red mini longhair named Moosie.

Mad Max is so cute and no grey for a 9 year old --such a cutie-pie!

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