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April 08, 2012


I kinda figured that. Thanks for the reply. I did a search and found the last post mentioning her was 6/10. There had been none since. While searching I re-read the post when Penny was adopted back in 07 (?) but got depressed and came back to the ranch. Upon return, seeing Alayne (or should I say smelling) she burst into a happy dance!
She was one of my favorites. Thank you for taking care of her.

Lynn, the other (big) blind Penny died here at the farm in 2010.

Do you still have big blind Penny?

SO cute glad she has a great home now!

Awwww, she is suce a cutie! I hope she recovers soon and that those bad results are just a bad memory.

SO happy to see Penny's wonderful face...I grew up with Yorkies as pets and they are the best combination of spunk and unfailing love ever. Y'all are incredibly lucky to have her!!!

Penny is off-the-charts cute. Can't imagine someone sending this little sweetheart to a shelter. She's found paradise now. Hoping for the best possible outcome healthwise.

Welcome Penny! I'm not surprised she seems to feel better after just a short time with you. Maybe the magic atmosphere will even decrease those mysterious enzyme levels. What a cutie! It's always nice when they turn out to be snugglers.

My, my what a cutie patootie! Welcome Penny. And what a delight to see some photos of Madison!

I don't want to be a "Debbie Downer" but I can't help but wonder if blind Penny passed on since you've kept this little one's name. I did a quick search to be sure I didn't miss a post and found your most recent mention of blind Penny back in June '10 right after you moved to NH. Please pardon my nosiness; I know you don't always want to post passings and I respect that. It's just that she was one of my favorites~

Between Penny & Madison, you have melted my heart!

Maddie is such a DOLL to take in all the snugglebugs. :) Delighted knowing Penny is now getting the best of care. Fingers crossed that she has nothing that love cannot heal. Thanks so much to you "mighty fine folks".

And glad there was no bunny in the house, even if it was Easter :)!

I was just trying to vote and was unable I came over here to meet Penny! It's true, the smaller ones seem to make the most noise! I hope she gets a much better report on her return Vet visit. I really like the pics of her sleeping next to "Granny". That's such a sweet moment.
Hugs all around,
ginger & Tlingit


On the cuteness scale of 1 to 10 Penny gets a 12

What wonderful pictures of piles of dogs sleeping, especially with Madison. She probably felt better because she had some food in her! Enjoy your stay, Penny.

What an absolute sweet pea!

Penny is thinking to herself "SCORE!"

Welcome to doggy heaven, dear little Penny! You must have realized already that you're in great hands.:-)

The last three pictures (especially the one with Wilbur inside a blanket) just melt my heart...

I look forward to reading that Penny keeps on putting on some much needed weight and that her pancreatic enzymes have returned to normal.

Penny is such a cutie and it's wonderful that she's already become so comfortable in her new home at RDF. I will be sending healing vibes her way that whatever is ailing her will be found and she'll be on the road to feeling her best!

Welcome Penny. Although there are some health issues to be worked out, it is wonderful to see her snuggling so comfortably with all her new friends.

Madison!!!! I am so happy to see you.

She's so cute! Glad Penny has found her way to you.


I 'inherited' a Yorkie when a friend of mine passed away. To say they "are vocal little things" is an understatement. I hope little Penny will get better soon and live a much happier life. God bless the folks at Rolling Dog for all that you do.

She is so precious. I so want to hold and protect her. How do people allow this or are they too in the same bad shape?

Oh, my! What a host of maladies for such a tiny dog. I'm so glad she's in your care now.

Such a heartwarming blog. Ahhhh, Madison!

Penny is a cutie! I hope the doctors find out what is wrong with her. She sure is sweet. Bless you Alayne & Steve for the great care you give to all the animals on the

From one Penny to another Penny.... Welcome Penny to RDF!!!! You'll like the accommodations a lot.... you'll have fun with your neighbors... and the 2-legged folks there are mighty fine folk!!!!

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