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April 03, 2012



I've got your back Owen!

Haha, so cute. Dogs are so playful :)

They SOooo know. And the expression is priceless. :) I am always gratified by my dogs sense of right and wrong. A good "evil eye" scold now being worth a thousand words.

Owen reeled in "the big fish" for sure.

Owen, you funny boy! Gotta hide the evidence next time ...

Thanks for the laugh today! Those pictures are priceless. Owen is such a character and he would definitely keep me smiling all day! So what sentence did you hand down to him? And will he have a record following him for the rest of his life? lol

Maybe you can buy him his own set of boots on which you can put some delectable smells and tastes!

That boot is practically as big as he is! Quite a feat (feet?) for a little guy. If it wasn't for the glowing eyes you'd never know he's blind. He clearly knows he's been caught and is putting on a good show of innocence. How could anyone accuse that face?...

I have a small white miscreant in my house who also likes barn boots (one of mine has a V chewed out of it). When he is caught in the act w/something that's not a toy (he seems to also like paper) he always claims "somebody put this in my mouth".

Busted. But was he read his Miranda rights? Did he make his phone call? Has his attorney visited him yet? Is it a conspiracy? Did the weiner dogs set him up? Hmmmmmmm.

Too Fuuny!! I have caught Timmy many a times with that same expression on his face!! He leaves the evidence but has the smarts not to be caught with it!

Another great story and pictures to start my day with a chuckle. You are a wonderful writer and I wonder if you have ever considered publishing a book with all of your stories and pictures. I would certainly buy it if you did because I love going back and reading them.

Even with that bright green kong - guess it can't compete with a big, muddy boot with extended chewing time to cover it all. :)

Owen wants a lawyer!! He was set up!! It's the wiener dogs, they are always trying to cause trouble and get poor innocent beagles or beagle adjacent hounds in trouble.

Hummm,Canine Court of Misbehaviors. Did you read him his rights? Does he understand the charges against him? Is he competent to stand trial? Owen, get a lawyer!! Ooops - I think there is already a lawyer in the house. You're toast with it!

That is HILLARIOUS!!!!!

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