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April 19, 2012


G R E A T news!!!!!!!!!!

What wonderful news for Owen....he has his own people and other animal friends! All the best to him and Marcia!

Voting every day so that more Owens have the same chance as he did to find his forever home with someone who looks past slight differences to see the love potential in every animal. Congratulations Owen. Thank you S & A and Marcia. Love builds on itself.

Congrats Owen on your great new forever home! Thanks Marcia for all that you've done to help out the animals that need permanent homes filled with love.
All the best,
ginger & Tlingit

However will Alayne change bedding without Owen around to help? Owen is such a character! May he and Marcia have a long, loving, adventure filled life together.

Congratulations Owen! Here's to a long career of moving boots and unmaking beds in his new home.

*****Congrats. to dear sweet Owen and his new family*****....please keep us posted on how he is doing!

Lucky Owen. Even luckier Marcia!

Great News for Owen and Marcia!!

I thought the same thing about Levi when I first adopted him, that maybe he had some vision as he gets around so well but no he's just a very confident and smart dog!! You should see him running up and down the stairs!!

That is really great news. Of course Widget is now down one member of her protective detail. She will have to find a new undercover beagle to take Owen's place.


Best of everything to Owen in his new home!

Wonderful news about Owen--it sounds as though he is fitting in perfectly. The footwear thing intrigues me. Our adopted blind poodle has only one 'trick' which is to bring a shoe from somewhere in the house and deposit it near us. He expects to be 'paid' with a treat. Maybe Owen's working the same trick! Our sighted dogs rush over to claim a treat when they see the blind guy bringing in a shoe. Talk about lazy!

That is wonderful news for Owen and thanks Marcia. Hope that Billy adjusts quickly to not having his wrestling buddy around.
Just have to wait and see who he wrestles with next.

God bless Marcia for adding sweet Owen to her pack!!!

Whenever I read of one of RDF's adoptions, my heart just overflows with joy!:-)

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

I know you all will miss him, but Yay for Owen getting a new forever home! Thank you Marcia for opening your hearts and family to this wonderful sweet boy!

That is super news! Hooray for Owen and Marcia!! ...and Suzi too. Thank you for all you do Rolling Dog Farm!!

Awesome! Wonderful adoption!

Owen~ it sounds like you will be having lots of new adventures in your wonderful new home!

All the best to you and your new family. And don't forget to keep us posted.

I am delighted! I wish I had space and resources, but thank goodness for folks like Marcia! ... and YOU!

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