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April 16, 2012


Thanks for the enlightenment, Steve.

Such great news! I'm so glad that Wilbur is doing so well and with all your help, he'll get the hang of navigating around in no time!

How nice for you to get to report some good results! We're all really happy about Wilbur.

Kathleen, it's the cornea that is the outermost surface and protects the rest of the eye. The lens is inside the cornea. Wilbur still has his cornea. It was surgically opened up so the lens could be removed, but then sutured back in place.

Glad Wilbur's surgery was successful! He'll figure out how to navigate in no time, especially with you to help him.

What wonderful news for Wilbur! However, I am puzzled how the eye is protected with no lens. Can anyone clue me in? What a cutie!

Yeah All System to Go!!!!

Great news for Wilbur! So glad to hear he is feeling sooo much better after all of your loving care and the great medical care your team has provided! Such a happy story!

Such happy news!:-)

Three cheers for Wilbur (and for all the great humans who helped him see again)!!

Extra hugs and love for the Wilbster.
He is such a precious little man. Glad the surgery went well.

Yay for Wilbur and his "beautiful retina." He'll learn to compensate for his depth perception, I'm sure.

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