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March 28, 2012


He is so cute!! What a brave,
sweet boy. Way to go Wilbur!!

Aw, I just love Wilbur! So glad everything went well and that he's on his way to healing quickly and feeling so much better!

What a sweet little guy. He will be adopted in no time I am sure.

I "heart" the Wilbster! What a precious little guy.

Did you talk with the vets about the possible fistula in his mouth that makes his snort and grunt? Is it the kind of thing that can just be left alone?

So glad to hear Wilbur is doing well!

hes such a lil doll. i have chis and they are so dear to your heart. my prayers are with him and hope for a speedy and complete recovery and a wonderful and forever home....

I just adore Wilbur. Chihuahuas are my favorite. My Lena was 7 pounds so I can imagine his size. I'm so glad he's doing well. He looks happy and I'm certain he's glad to be some place where he knows he's safe and loved. Finish your recovery Wilbur so you can run outside without your cone and play!

What a cutie-pie!:-)

It's great to hear that Wilbur's recovery is uneventful and that he's coping well with all his daily medications.

Please give him a BIG hug for me.

Glad he found his forver home!

Love RDF!!!!!

Buy Wilbur a pipe and a little sailor cap to complete his resemblance to Popeye! He's adorable. I'd love to hug him.

He needs a little corn cob "puppy pipe" hanging out of the corner of his mouth and a crushed captain's hat on his head to rival Popeye the Sailor Man. He's very cute and it looks like his body is becoming a little more streamlined with the exercise he now gets. It's good to see him doing so well!!! :) :) :)

Wilbur - so far, so good. And look at that ... a see-through cone! Good to know they make 'em.

Hello darlin' little Wilbur! I hope you can get that eye healed soon so those eyedrops and meds can be whittled down. :):)

He is so precious! I had to give a kitty eyedrops twice a day for many months so I know what a joy it can be! Wilbur is a lucky boy.

This is wonderful news about Wilbur!

Prayers that the re-check visit will go well and that soon there will be at least a reduction of drops/medications.

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